Dr. Amling talking with a patient

In the quest of continuing to advance performance, clinical outcomes and the overall patient experience, our physicians are continually evaluating and improving upon the current standards of treatment in the field. Through data-based outcomes research performed on cohorts of patients here at OHSU and throughout the United States, frequently in collaboration with many other institutions, we are we are able to evaluate current practices and propose improved ways of caring for patients with urologic conditions.

Urology data repository

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To facilitate generation of research ideas and execution of retrospective review studies within the department of urology and in collaboration with other disciplines, an online data repository was developed which collects and updates large quantities of nearly real-time medical data on all patients who have been treated by one of our physicians. A new addition to the available research resources, this data warehouse enables each of our investigators to have at their disposal all the tools needed for a review of various patient cohorts through time. Preparation of research questions and hypotheses, as well as data collection itself has been made monumentally simpler, faster, and more affordable, ultimately facilitating greater research productivity within the department.