Current Studies

A researcher tests samples in the Shin Lab at OHSU

The Department of Urology supports an array of research efforts led by faculty in the areas of laboratory-based translational science, outcomes research, and clinical trials. Each of our faculty have grounded commitments to furthering the research mission of the department, and many of the current efforts in clinical research are filling a much needed role of treating, managing, and preventing urologic disorders among our patients and all others suffering from urologic conditions.

Here are a few of the current projects led by Urology faculty:

Flexible ureteroscopy durability and cost

PI: Brian Duty

This is a multi-center prospective study examining the durability and cost of use associated with reusable flexible ureteroscopes.

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy in the Pacific Northwest

PI: Brian Duty

This is a retrospective cohort study describing the ESWL experience in the Pacific Northwest through data analysis on cases from the largest ESWL device group in the region.

Imaging prostatic lipids to distinguish aggressive prostate cancer

Co-I: Christopher Amling and Mark Garzotto

This is a prospective trial examining the ability of MRSI to detect, through imaging of concentrated areas of lipid presence within the prostate, aggressive prostate cancer, and distinguish this from lower risk disease.

Assessing prostate cancer outcomes in rural and urban Oregon

PI: Christopher Amling

This is a retrospective cohort study examining the prevalence and patterns of prostate cancer diagnoses and treatments in the state of Oregon through analysis of data extracted from the state cancer registry.

Vasal fluid evaluation at time of vasectomy reversal

PI: Jason Hedges

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the vasal fluid protein composition found in the male patient at the time of vasectomy reversal, determine if the composition differs between patients of varying operative findings, and learn whether this analysis can further predictive ability.

Impact of inflatable penile prosthesis insertion on lower urinary tract symptoms

PI: Jason Hedges

The objective of this study is to evaluate the effect of IPP placement on patient LUTS, through an analysis of two institutions' cohorts of patients undergoing this procedure.

Fertility registry

Co-PI: Jason Hedges and Eugene Fuchs

This is a prospective multi-institutional registry collecting data on male patients seeking fertility consultations.

Identifying tumor-specific markers from blood and urine from patients undergoing treatment for solid cancers

PI: Theresa Koppie

This study identifies novel markers in the urine and blood for patients with various types of solid organ cancers.

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