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OHSU is an academic health center occupying 33 major buildings on a wooded, 116-acre campus. Paths for joggers, bicyclists and pedestrians border the campus and connect it to downtown Portland, Oregon's largest city. Residents enjoy a lively downtown area with its museums of art and science, nearby zoo, botanical gardens, center for performing arts, symphony orchestra, opera, ballet and theater. Professional basketball, ice hockey, soccer and baseball provide additional sources of entertainment.

Opportunities for outdoor recreation abound. Nearby rivers and lakes invite swimming, fishing, sailing and other water sports. Mt. Hood, which is visible from OHSU and has a year-round ski area, is only an hour's drive away. The coast can be reached in about 90 minutes.

Portland contains 7,500 acres of parkland in 160 locations including Forest Park, the largest urban wilderness within any American city. Oregonians take pride in their environment and work to protect their natural resources.

Find local music and other events in one of our local rags:

We may not have an NFL team, but Portland is home to the Timbers, Trailblazers, and Winterhawks

The Pacific Northwest provides the perfect climate for growing hops. Taste the local flavors by attending a brewfest.

There is no lack of activities for kids in the Portland area. Keep track of them all and find reviews of local classes and camps at Red Tricycle, Portland

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Information about Portland, Oregon can be found on the Portland Citysearch site. In addition to a search box for specifics, this site includes visitor information, local entertainment, restaurants, and local attractions

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Portland Oregon Visitors Association has an extensive list of information regarding the Portland area. Statistics, attractions, resources and relocation information can all be found on this website.

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Visit this travel website to learn more about local Portland activities, education, news/media, outdoor recreation and spirituality.

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Portland Online. This is the official website for the city of Portland. It includes in-depth information about our political system, government, and issues of debate.

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This site, Welcome to Portland, offers many "essential links to Portland." They carry a variety of maps, as well as a "CityLink," which provides information on other cities in Oregon.

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This is the website for Portland Public Schools. It contains a directory for the various school districts that Portland has to offer, as well as links to different school websites. There is a "Parent's Guide" as well as a "Student Stuff" link.

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This website will take you to our local newspaper, The Oregonian, where you brush up on the latest Portland news.

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This is the site for Portland Parks & Recreation. We are very proud of our parks and trees in Portland, and this site will give you a taste of some of our hiking trails and nearby nature getaways


This is the website of our local open-air market. Saturday Market is a great place to find one of a kind handmade crafts. They have a wonderful variety of food booths, as well as local musicians, clowns and street performers to entertain you.