Transgender Health Program Team

A photo of Drs. Jens Berli and Christina Milano, of OHSU's Transgender Health Program.
Dr. Jens Berli and Dr. Christina Milano are two of the many OHSU providers committed to providing excellent, sensitive care to the transgender and gender-nonconforming communities.

OHSU’s experts in gender-diverse health care are committed to giving you the best care possible. You’ll find:

Comprehensive care: Our highly trained doctors, nurse practitioners and other specialists work together. You will get complete care for your overall health as well as any transition goals.

Affirming, inclusive care: Our providers are part of an OHSU culture dedicated to diversity and inclusion. They will discuss your goals and concerns with you at every step. You will also find a welcoming and gender-affirming environment across our campuses and clinics.

Innovative techniques: Our providers, through research, are continually developing ways to improve care and outcomes.

Leaders in transgender care: Our doctors train other medical providers nationally and internationally in transgender and gender-nonconforming care. The Transgender Health Program trains Northwest health care providers in hormone therapy and gender-affirming care.

Care at OHSU

At OHSU, all providers offer gender-affirming care in safe, welcoming environments. If you seek care from a provider not listed below, please tell them when you call that you are seeking transgender-related or gender-diverse care. Contact us if you have any problems accessing a clinic or provider.

Pubertal suppression and hormone therapy

Mental health care

The following OHSU primary care clinics offer welcoming, gender-affirming care, including hormone therapy.  

  • Portland area: See our Primary Care site to look for a provider. When you call, please let the clinic know you are seeking care through the Transgender Health Program.
  • Outside the Portland area: We encourage you to seek primary care in your community.  Fill out our service request form if you need help finding a gender-affirming doctor. 

OHSU locations:


Gender-affirming mastectomy and gender-affirming breast augmentation

Adam’s apple reduction

Facial surgery and body contouring

Vocal surgery to raise pitch


Our dermatology team offers a range of gender-affirming services for hair and skin.



    • Transgender Gynecology Clinic: 503-418-4500
    • Appointments are made through the OHSU Center for Women’s Health, but the clinic’s gender-neutral space is not in the center.

    Gynecology and Obstetrics

    Hair removal

    Mental health care


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    Hear from two of our founders

    Learn about two Transgender Health Program founders, Dr. Christina Milano and Dr. Daniel Dugi, in their own words. They interviewed each other as part of an oral history project. Topics include why they became doctors, how they got involved in caring for the gender-diverse community, and the evolution of care.