The Multi-Institutional Trial of the Injured Trauma Survivor Screen (MITSS)

What is the MITSS Study?

This study is looking to identify trauma patients who may develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression after a traumatic injury. In the United States approximately 2.3 million people per year are involved in a traumatic injury event necessitating hospitalization at a trauma center. Studies have found the rate of PTSD following admission to a Trauma Center for a traumatic injury is approximately 23% on average, with similar rates of depression.

Why do this study?

A major challenge is early identification and prediction of traumatic injury patients who may be at the highest risk of developing PTSD or depression. The importance and value of early identification for psychological distress after injury to facilitate early initiation of evidence-based interventions and secondary prevention of associated morbidities and mortality. The Injured Trauma Survivor Screen (ITSS) has been developed to help screen and identify trauma patients that may develop PTSD or depression.

Who will be in the study?

Any adult trauma patients seen in the OHSU Emergency Department and admitted to the OHSU Hospital will be included in this study.  This is a multi-institutional study involving hospitals across the United States and will include trauma patients admitted to those hospitals.

What is involved?

This study requires an initial enrollment of a patient in the hospital. The enrolled patient will complete 3-4 surveys, including the ITSS survey prior to discharge. Then the enrolled patient will complete 2 follow-up phone conversations over 9 months, each of these conversations will take between 15- 60 minutes.  Patients will receive compensation for the each of the follow up calls.

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