Alma B. Sneeden Award

The Alma B. Sneeden award was established by Vinton D. Sneeden, MD, in memory of his wife after her death in 1975. It is presented each year by the Department of Pathology to a medical student demonstrating outstanding scholarship in pathology.

About Vinton D. Sneeden, MD

Vinton D. Sneeden graduated from the University of Oregon Medical School (UOMS, now OHSU School of Medicine) in 1936. Upon graduation, he took a rotating internship and received residency training in pathology and surgery at French Hospital in San Francisco.  In 1939 he joined the UOMS faculty.  During World War II he served as the Chief of Laboratories for the 46th General Hospital in North Africa, and later in France.  In 1952 Dr. Sneeden became the Chief of Laboratories at Emanuel Hospital in Portland until 1971, when he returned to the OHSU faculty.  Dr. Sneeden’s service to OHSU Pathology spanned 20 years. Dr. Sneeden died in 1979.

Alma B. Sneeden Award Recipients

2017      Karl Stuart Tjerandsen 
2016      Mustafa Abdul-Rahman Mahmood 
2015      Kaeley Kaplan
2014      Rebecca Sauerwein 
2013      Morgan Ballard 
2012      Nicole Kearney 
2011      Brian Jeppesen 
2010      Jessica Davis 
2009      Emily King
2008      Caryn Avery
2007      Fiona Garlich
2006      Eric Goranson
2005      Jonathan P. Yarris
2004      Cristina Ann Smith 
                Rebecca L. Wilcox
2003      Tracy J. Dyer
2002      Misty Payne

2001      Daniel Louis Toweill

2000      Megan Jennifer Smith
1999      Denis M. McCarthy
1998      Amy K. Chaumeton
1997      Mark Douglas Orton
1996      Martha J. Burt
1995      Ann Elizabeth Smith
1994      Joseph D. Kronz
1993      Katherine M. Scott
1991      Carolyn Diana Jordan

                Betty Ann Olivares

1990      Mitchell Ryan
1989      Allen Hershey
                Clifford C. Nelson
1988      Scott P. Otteson 
                Robert D. Law
1987      John L. Holmes
                Richard H. Edelson

1986      Daniel R. Kocarnik
                Edward L. Nelson 
1985      John Gotchall 
                Ed Nelson 
1984      Paul Swanson 
1983      Michael Wyman 
1982      Terrie Brooks 
1981      Dennis Wickham 
1980      Stephen Darling 
1979      Steve Muelick