Maternal Fetal Medicine/Medical Genetics and Genomics Combined Fellowship

The OHSU Maternal Fetal Medicine/Medical Genetics combined fellowship training is completed at OHSU and Shriners Children’s Portland. Trainees spend their first full year as fellows in MFM, their second and third full years as fellows in Medical Genetics, and their fourth full year as fellows in MFM, consisting of 18 months of clinical medical genetics training and 18 months of clinical maternal-fetal medicine training, which provides exceptional breadth and depth of clinical experience as well as 12 months of research training.  During the Medical Genetics training experience a broad range of disorders is encountered encompassing the prenatal, pediatric, and adult age groups in the prenatal, metabolic, pediatric, adult, cancer, and cardio genetics clinics.  Some of the diagnoses commonly seen by residents in the program include: Chromosome abnormalities, malformation syndromes, inborn errors of metabolism, single gene disorders, disorders with complex inheritance, cancer pre-dispositions, musculoskeletal abnormalities, and neurological pre-symptomatic genetic conditions. Trainees who have successfully completed this training program are eligible for examination leading to board certifications of ABOG in MFM and ABMGG in Clinical Genetics.

Dr. Amy Valent is Program Director and Dr. Caleb Rogers is Associate Program Director of the combined fellowship training.

Mission Statement

We aim to provide learners with the tools to become leaders in the field of Maternal Fetal Medicine and Medical Genetics - to utilize skills and education in MFM and Medical Genetics to improve maternal and fetal care in pregnancy and for life.

Program aims

The OHSU Combined Maternal Fetal Medicine and Medical Genetics Fellowship desires to create leaders in the field of Maternal Fetal Medicine and Medical Genetics. We provide a vast array of research, (e.g., Bench, Clinical Outcomes) clinical, (e.g. Maternal, Fetal, Ultrasound, Combined MFM-MGG), and educational opportunities (e.g. teaching residents and students) so that the fellow may reach his/her/their individual career goals while providing ample opportunity to gain board certification in MFM and Medical Genetics.

The Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship program is led by Program Director Amy Valent, D.O. and Assoc. Program Director Ashley Benson, M.D. Information about the MFM training including requirement and application information can be found at  

Program status

The next available start date for the MFM/Genetics fellowship is July 1, 2027. The next application review and selection will start in May 2026 for the September 2026 Match Cycle. Interested parties should submit application materials electronically through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) in collaboration with the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). Please also see the OHSU GME information on Applying to OHSU Residencies and Fellowships.

Contact us

For further information/inquiries regarding the OHSU MFM/Medical Genetics Fellowship Program please contact the MFM Fellowship Program Coordinator