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MMG encompasses numerous research faculty, clinicians, fellows, and students with diverse research interests surrounding molecular and medical genetics approaches to understanding the basis and treatment of human disease. Our research includes cancer genetics, molecular genetics, gene therapy technologies, molecular diagnostics, developmental genetics, medical genetics cytogenetics, quantitative trait genetics, biochemical genetics, cell biology and biochemistry. Several laboratories focus on "tumor suppressor" and "oncogene" pathways involved in a variety of common human cancers, with one goal being to capitalize on this knowledge for translational research purposes. One central theme in the program is the utilization of a variety of genetic, molecular and cellular approaches for analyzing normal and disease processes. Learn more

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Fatty Acid Oxidation Disease Research

One of the complications of LCHAD deficiency is vision loss because of a degeneration of the retina, a part of the eye that is essential for us to see. This degeneration of the retina is called retinopathy and the cause of retinopathy in children with LCHAD is not known. Dr. Melanie Gillingham is currently conducting a study in cells to investigate the cause of LCHAD retinopathy. Help support Dr. Gillingham's research today!

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Drs. Hayflick, Hogarth and Jeong publish breakthrough article towards treating patients with PKAN. "The OHSU team has been working closely with PKAN patients and families and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the last four years to develop the treatment in an accelerated, low-cost model. The researchers say this approach will not only enable them to get a promising compound to patients faster, but will also allow them to keep its eventual cost to families to a minimum." Learn More

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The Fatty acid Oxidation o Disorders Kitchen

Dr. Melanie Gillingham, in collaboration with Claire Held, Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition and OHSU Bionutriton, have just published a cookbook designed for patients with a long chain fatty acid oxidation disorder. The recipes are low in fat with added MCT oil. There are some great ideas about how to use MCT oil in cooking everything from main dishes and salads to desserts. All proceeds from this book will be donated to the OHSU foundation to fund additional research for novel treatments of fatty acid oxidation disorders.