Genome Science Retreat

Friday, April 28, 2023

Location: World Forestry Center

4033 SW Canyon Rd.
Portland, OR 97221

Transit | Parking

Time: 8:30 - 5:00pm

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Registration is still open on a limited basis. Register here


The purpose of this retreat is to provide opportunities for our Genome Sciences community to interact in a day-long gathering that will include informal presentations, community building, and panel discussions on topics relevant to scientific collaboration, education, innovation, and professional development. The day will also include breakfast, lunch, happy hour and research posters. Our OHSU Genome Sciences community includes graduate researchers, interns, postdoctoral and clinical fellows, clinical and research faculty, research and clinical staff, and administrators and administrative staff.


The retreat is open to the OHSU Genome Sciences community which includes students, interns, postdoctoral and clinical fellows, clinical and research faculty, research and clinical staff, and administrative staff. Please forward to those who may be interested but who may not be on the MMG, PBMS Genome Sciences Hub, or GenSci mailing lists. 


8:30 Breakfast and PBMS GS Hub Faculty meeting

  •  Amanda McCullough, PhD, Genome Sciences Hub Director
  •  Georgiana Purdy, PhD Director, Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences

9:00 Introductory remarks

  • Susan Hayflick, M.D. PhD, Chair, Molecular & Medical Genetics
  • Amanda McCullough, PhD, Vice Chair for Research, Molecular & Medical Genetics
  • Caitlin Peaslee, Graduate Researcher, PBMS

9:15 Keynote Speaker

  • Megan Dennis, PhD, Associate Professor, UC Davis “Characterizing unique human duplicated genes in a T2T (telomere to telomere) genome”

10:15 Break (coffee/tea available)

10:30 Clinical Highlights: “Genetic Counseling Overview & Clinical Highlights”

  • Anna Dennis, M.S., C.G.C.  Instructor, Molecular & Medical Genetics
  • Allison Gregory, M.S., C.G.C. Assistant Professor, Molecular & Medical Genetics
  • Kelly Hamman, M.S., C.G.C.  Assistant Professor, Molecular & Medical Genetics

11:15 Professional Development: Building Relationships & Your Mentorship Network

  • Seth Igarta, MA Professional & Career Development Specialist
  • Kimbree Brown, PhD Postdoctoral Affairs Officer

12:15 Lunch (Posters, Resources, Sponsors, Panelists, & Speakers available)

1:15 Research Highlights: Early Career Faculty

  • Arpiar Saunders, PhD Assistant Professor, Vollum “Parallelized characterization of autism-associated human mutations in mouse neural circuits using single-cell, single-virion genomics”
  • Caren Weinhouse, PhD Assistant Professor, Occupation Health Sciences “Epigenetic memory of environmental exposures”
  • Joshua Saldivar, PhD Assistant Professor, Division of Oncological Sciences “Chromatin partitioning and genome stability: keeping things together by keeping them apart”

2:15 Break (coffee/tea available)

2:30 Professional Development: "Black Like Me 360: Recognizing and Addressing Discrimination in the Lab"

  • Andrea Morgan, Graduate Researcher, Behavioral Neurosciences 

3:30 Interaction/Poster Session/Happy Hour (Posters, Resources, Sponsors, Panelists, & Speakers available)

5:00 Adjourn