Graduate Program Alumni

Graduate Year Graduated Mentor(s) Dissertation Topic
Michael Heskett 2022 Paul Spellman Allele-specific analysis of genomic data reveals novel cancer and IncRNA biology
Casey Thornton 2022 Andrew Adey Exploring and defining the cellular diversity of the brain across species
John Powers 2021 Dan Streblow Development of Adenovirus Vector Based Vaccines & Exploration of Functional Properties of the Adeno-Associated Virus Assembly-Activating Protein
Ryan Mulqueen 2021 Brian O'Roak Novel single-cell omics assays of corticogenesis
Daelyn Richards 2021 Cary Harding Genetic Manipulation in Murine Phenylketonuria (PKU)
Jimi Rosenkrantz 2021 Shawn Chavez & Lucia Carbone Investigations of primate placentation under normal and pathological pregnancy conditions
Kristóf Törkenczy 2021 Andrew Adey Computational single-cell methods  to deciphering genomic and epigenetic heterogeneity of complex tissues

Graduate Year Graduated Mentor(s) Dissertation Topic
Holly Corbitt 2019 Cheryl Maslen The Phenotyping and Genetic Basis of Cardiovascular Defects in Syndromic and Non-syndromic Individuals
Asia Mitchell 2019 Paul Spellman Genomic Analysis of VHL Syndrome Renal Cancer- A Biological System For Probing Tumor Evolution
Lizzy Sunderhaus 2018 Doris Kretzschmar Identifying the Pathogenic Mechanisms of Swiss-Cheese Phenotypes to Understand Neuropathy Target Esterase Associated Disorders
Ellie Juarez 2017 Amanda McCullough Cellular Pathways in the Repair and Tolerance of Formaldehyde-Induced DNA-Protein Crosslinks

Graduate Year Graduated Mentor(s) Dissertation Topic
Nichole Owen 2015 Susan Olson PARP inhibitor: abrogation of chromosomal radial-induced mitotic cell death and induction of multipolar division via loss ofcentrosome integrity
Jonathan Nelson 2013 Nabil Alkayed Disruption of Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase Dimerization as a Novel Therapeutic Target for Stroke
Kristine Alexander 2012 David Farrell Characterization of y' Fibrinogen as a Cardiovascular Risk Marker
Raymond Hickey 2012 Markus Grompe Novel Cell Therapies for Liver Disease and Type 1 Diabetes
Erik LeShane 2011 Svetlana Lutsenko Structural Organization and Mechanisms of Cooperativity in the N-Terrminal Domains of the Human Cu-ATPases
Brenda Polster 2011 Susan Hayflick Regulation and Expression of Genes Associated with Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation
Kristin Sauter 2011 Bruce Magen Ribotoxic Stressors: Shiga toxin (Stx) and doxorubicin
Eric Stoffregen 2011 Mathew Thayer Genetic Analysis of Chromosome Replication Timing: An autosomal locus that controls chromosome - wide chromosome timing and moo-allelic expression
Deanne Tibbitts 2011 R. Michael Liskay Characterization of Aberrant c-Myc Phosphorylation and Stability in Acute Myeloid and Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Jennifer Wallace (Redig) 2011 Cheryl Maslen A Novel CRELD / VEGF Genetic Interaction in Heart Disease and Development
Xiaoli Zhang 2011 Rosalie Sears Regulation of c-Myc Phosphorylation, Protein Stability and Oncogenic Activity in Breast Cancer

Graduate Year Graduated Mentor(s) Dissertation Topic
Adria Decker 2010 Melissa Wong Wnt Signaling in the Mouse Small Intestine
Bendert DeGraaf 2010 Amanda McCullough Cellular Response Pathways of Formaldehyde
Jennifer Johnson 2010 R. Michael Liskay Genetic Analysis of Diverse Mechanisms of DNA Mismatch Repair in Mammalian Cells
Ashleigh Miller 2010 R. Michael Liskay Stochastic Gene Alterations for the Study of Intestinal Homeostasis and Cancer
Sylvia Nelsen 2010 Jan Christian Cloning and characterization of Xenopus laevis proprotein convertases and identification of endogenous convertases of bone morphogenetic protein 4
Chantelle Rein 2010 David Farrell Genetic Regulation of the Expression of Two Fibrinogen Gamma Chain Splice Variants by Inflammatory Cytokines and Fibrin Degradation Products
Kevin Friedman 2009 Bernie Fox Augmenting the effector phase of adaptive immunotherapy of cancer
Jon Oyer 2009 Mitchell Turker Changes in DNA methylation and histone modification during epigenetic transitions
Julienne Powers 2009 Rosalie Sears Identification of proteins that regulate c-Myc stability and function
Jodi Johnson 2008 Molly Kulesz-Martin The p53 family interacting pathways in carcinogenesis and cellular response to DNA damage
Beth Wilmot 2008 Shannon McWeeney Gene Mapping in Complex Traits: Gene Expression Profiling and Copy Number Variability in Gene Mapping of Age-Related Cognitive Decline.
Hugh Arnold 2007 Rosalie Sears The roles of a specific PP2A holoenzyme, PP2A-B56alpha, and scaffold protein, Axin 1, in regulating the potent oncoprotein c-Myc.
Priscilla Fernandes 2007 R. Stephen Lloyd
Wendy Knosp 2007 H. Scott Stadler
Kevin McCabe 2007 Robb Moses The Role of hERCC1 in the Fanconi Anemia Pathway
Carley Shaut 2007 H. Scott Stadler
Xiao-Xin Sun 2007 Hua Lu Regulation of the p 53-MDM2 feedback loop by nucleostemin and ribosomal proteins.
Amy Hanlon-Newell 2006 Susan Olson
Scott Houghtaling 2006 Markus Grompe
Anuj Mankad 2006 Markus Grompe