About Molecular and Medical Genetics

About Molecular & Medical Genetics

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The Molecular and Medical Genetics (MMG) Department is an interdisciplinary group of faculty performing basic laboratory research, clinical research, teaching of both graduate and medical students, overseeing the operation of several clinical labs and providing expertise in the area of clinical genetics care.

Research laboratories

The areas of faculty research include cancer genetics, molecular genetics, gene therapy technologies, molecular diagnostics, developmental genetics, medical genetics cytogenetics, quantitative trait genetics, biochemical genetics, cell biology and biochemistry.  Several laboratories focus on "tumor suppressor" and "oncogene" pathways involved in a variety of common human cancers, with one goal being to capitalize on this knowledge for translational research purposes.  One central theme in the program is the utilization of a variety of genetic, molecular and cellular approaches for analyzing normal and disease processes.

Graduate program

MMG has a graduate program leading to a PhD in the areas of molecular and medical genetics.  Admission to the MMG Graduate Program is through the Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology.  

Residency program

MMG sponsors a residency program leading to certification by the American Board of Medical Genetics. Admission to the Genetics residency is directly through the Department.


MMG provides clinical genetics services that include inpatient, outpatient, and prenatal clinics, including cytogenetic, DNA, and biochemical genetics diagnostic laboratories.

Diagnostic laboratories

The diagnostic laboratories and their respective faculty are actively engaged in classical and molecular cytogenetics, DNA-based molecular diagnostics techniques, and biochemical genetic evaluation of a variety of inherited disorders. Several laboratories are applying molecular and genetic techniques in model systems and in human material to study and develop better treatments for breast and colorectal cancer.