Ultrasound Fellowship Curriculum

The Ultrasound Fellowship at Oregon Health and Science University is a one year program designed for emergency medicine physicians. The goal of the fellowship is to train emergency physicians to excel as mentors and educators and to advance the use of ultrasound in Emergency Medicine. The fellowship is structured around education, teaching, and clinical components.


Fellows devote approximately 24 hours per week dedicated to image acquisition, scan review, attending lectures, participation in and development of outside courses offered to other departments and outside hospitals, research, and other scholarly activities. Weekly lectures and video review by faculty cover core and advanced applications of emergency ultrasound. The weekly video review sessions provide an opportunity to critique image quality and share information with other faculty, residents, and students. This important component allows the fellow to gain an appreciation for the administrative aspects of emergency ultrasound including image storage, QA, faculty credentialing, and billing. The fellow must complete a minimum of 1000 scans during the course of the fellowship. These scans are performed during scanning shifts, scanning shifts with core faculty, and clinical shifts that take place at OHSU, a Level 1 trauma center. OHSU has an extremely diverse patient population, and the fellow will have the opportunity to scan both pediatric and adult patients. Additional opportunities to scan in the community setting may be available. Furthermore, the fellow has opportunities to complete scanning shifts in the Departments of Cardiology and OB/GYN.


Teaching and education are essential elements of the fellowship, and the fellow is an integral part of ultrasound education within the OHSU Department of Emergency Medicine. During the course of the fellowship, the fellow is expected to teach medical students, residents, and faculty. The fellow is asked to initiate an emergency ultrasound research project, assist with current ongoing research, and complete an administrative project. The fellow organizes the emergency ultrasound medical student rotation. During the second half of the year, the fellow may supervise emergency medicine residents on the ultrasound rotation in addition to training medical students. Additionally, fellows assist core faculty with local and regional courses as well as intra-hospital education of other departments.


Fellows receive a 1-year faculty appointment at the Instructor level in the OHSU Department of Emergency Medicine and will be scheduled to work 8 clinical shifts per month in the OHSU ED. The fellow may be asked to complete some of these clinical shifts at an affiliated community ED. In addition, the fellow is welcome to attend administrative, education, and research department meetings as well as weekly EM Conferences.