Two Physiology and Pharmacology Students Named as 2018 ARCS Scholars

Eight new students from OHSU have been named as ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists) Foundation Scholars.

The OHSU first-year scholars for 2018 are:

  • Michael Berry, OHSU School of Medicine, Physiology and Pharmacology
  • Katie Blise, OHSU School of Medicine, Biomedical Engineering
  • Mary Roberts-Davis, OHSU School of Nursing
  • Thomas Fernandez, OHSU School of Medicine
  • Gregory Hamersky, OHSU School of Medicine
  • Jennifer Jahncke, OHSU School of Medicine, Neuroscience Graduate Program
  • Sunil Joshi, OHSU School of Medicine, Knight Cancer Institute
  • Amy Leatherwood, OHSU School of Nursing

The ARCS Foundation is a national women's group that aids advancement in science and technology by fostering development of new scientists and engineers in the United States.

In 2018, ARCS is celebrating 60 years of continuous support for science. They have seven years of continuous growth in Scholar funding by ARCS chapters. They also honored a $1.5 million bequest to the Oregon chapter by ARCS member Jill Josselyn.

Since 2005, donors have supported 248 Scholars with contributions topping $4.1 million. The individual scholarship awards are for $18,000, given over three years at $6,000 per year.

Learn more about the Oregon chapter of the ARCS Foundation

Watch now: Oregon ARCS Foundation Scholars at work

"Being named an ARCS Foundation Scholar is a complete honor and immense privilege. It will serve as an invigorating reminder that even during the sad days of graduate school when experiments aren't working that someone out there is cheering us on and believes in us and in our potential to succeed," said Sunil Joshi, an M.D./Ph.D. candidate in the Knight Cancer Institute. "Apart from the monetary benefit, the opportunity to be a part of such a supportive community is energizing. Thank you again to ARCS and OHSU leadership for such an honor."

OHSU School of Nursing Ph.D. student Amy Leatherwood, M.S.N., said "I am honored and so very grateful to have been awarded a scholarship by the ARCS Foundation this year. This gift will enable me to continue onward with my career goals of propagating and expanding the cancer survivorship program at OHSU. This award has not only helped me financially at a time when life is busy and budgets are tight, but it has also introduced me to an amazing and supportive community of like-minded, innovative individuals. I know my connection and appreciation for this group will continue far beyond my graduate school years."

"I am incredibly grateful and honored to be a recipient of the ARCS award. The support from ARCS donors provides a community of scientists the philosophical as well as financial support to pursue a career in research," said OHSU School of Nursing student Mary Roberts-Davis. "It is uplifting to be surrounded by so much encouragement from a local community like this, and especially from Barbara Giesy and the Giesy family who are supporting my scholarship through their generosity to the foundation."