Weekly Seminars

As a part of the Departmental Seminar series and often in collaboration with other OHSU units, we are proud to host a range of speakers from across the nation and around the world. The varied topics and expertise are a stimulus for faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students alike. External speakers generally share lunch with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows during their visits. Upcoming seminars and lectures

February 6, 2024
"Old bugs and new drugs: novel bisquinolines as antimalarials" Presented by: Mason Handford, Graduate Student, Riscoe Lab

January 9, 2024
"Insights and Adventures in Targeting RAS Oncoproteins and Downstream Signaling Effector Pathways in Cancer" Presented by: Martin McMahon, Ph.D., Cumming Presidential Professor of Cancer Biology, Dept. Of Dermatology

December 12, 2023
"Deciphering translational regulation in cellular growth and disease" Presented by: Teresa Mastracci, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Indiana University 

November 28, 2023
"Exploring the Mechanism of Antibody Internalization in Melanoma-Associated Retinopathy" and "Application of an optogenetic tool to increase intracellular pH and investigate pH-dependent cell movement" Presented by: Ryan Hecht, Graduate Student, Morgans Lab and Caitlin Donahue, Postdoc, Beatty Lab

November 21, 2023
"Multi-omics approaches to understand drug and vaccine targets for eukaryotic pathogens" Presented by: Suzanne McDermott, Ph.D., Acting Assistant Professor, Center for Global Infectious Disease Research, Seattle Children's Research Institute and Department of Pediatrics, University of Washington School of Medicine

November 14, 2023
"Cryo-EM reveals the structural basis of antibody-mediated protection and enables malaria vaccine design" Presented by: Gregory Martin, Ph.D., Staff Scientist, Integrative Structural and Computational Biology, The Scripps Research Institute

October 23, 2023
"Attenuating Oncogenic Transcription" Presented by: Angela Koehler, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biological Engineering, MIT

October 17, 2023
"Expression of Cannabinoid CB2 Receptor in Neurons and Microglia: Insights from Genetic, Behavioral, and Reporter Mouse Models" Presented by: Zheng-Xiong Xi, M.D. Ph.D., Staff Scientist, Chief, Addiction Biology Unit, National Institute On Drug Abuse, Intramural Research Program

October 10, 2023
"Do we still need crystallography? A case study in targeted protein degradation using cryoEM" Presented by: Gabriel Lander, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology, Scripps Research

October 3, 2023
"Protein disorder in regulation of large molecular machines: From dynein motor to coronavirus" Presented by: Elisar Barbar, Ph.D., Department Head and Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics, Oregon State University

September 26, 2023
The William and Carmela Riker Memorial Lecture: "Surviving and Thriving in Academia" Presented by: Kim E. Barrett, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Research, UC Davis

September 19, 2023
"Efforts toward small molecule drug discovery" Presented by: Xiaodong Wang, Ph.D., Professor, Center for Integrative Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery, UNC 

September 12, 2023
"Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Unveiling the Unseen" Presented by: Katarzyna Walczewska-Szewc, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Theoretical Biophysics Group, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland

June 20, 2023
Post Doc Seminar: "Use of IsoADPr as molecular switch for the development of proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTAC)" and "Dynamics of a Glutamate Transporter Ortholog" Presented by: Kapil Upadhyaya (Cohen) & Satyaki Chatterjee (Valiyaveetil)

June 13, 2023
Student Seminar: "Effects of Trace Amine-Associated Receptor 1 (TAAR1) Agonists on Dopamine Transport" Presented by: Juli Huey (Janowsky)

June 6, 2023
Post Doc Seminar: "Optical control of Optically-Cleavable Targeted (OCT)-Capsaicin in vitro" and "Structural basis of selective inhibition toward gap junction channels" Presented by: Carmel Howe (Frank) & Samson Souza (Reichow)

May 23, 2023
Student Seminar - "Photoswitchable Tools to Optically Control CB1 Signaling in Neuronal Circuitry" and "Developing optical tools to study cannabinoid signaling in pancreatic islets" Presented by: Sarahi Garza (Frank) & Janelle Tobias (Frank)

May 16, 2023
Student Seminar - "Exploring CB1 structure-function from a novel perspective" and "Developing novel approaches for structural study of GPCR" Presented by: Triona Matheson (Farrens) & Weekie Yao (Farrens)

May 9, 2023
"Cell-type-and subcellular compartment-specific nanoscale molecular imaging of cannabinoid and dopamine signaling" Presented by: Istvan Katona, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University - Bloomington

May 2, 2023
Post Doc/Student Seminar: "Cryo-EM structure of a neonatal diabetes variant of the KATP channel reveals an open pore and two PIP2 binding sites" and "Identification of a new KATP channel pharmaco-chaperone from cryo-EM structure based virtual screening" Presented by: Camden Driggers (Shyng) & Assmaa ElSheikh (Shyng)

April 25, 2023
"Inducible control of protein activity and assembly using light and chemicals" Presented by: Chandra Tucker, Ph.D., Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology, University of Colorado School of Medicine

April 24, 2023
"Mapping the interplay of lipid transport and metabolism" Presented by: Andre Nadler, Ph.D., Research Group Leader, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG)

April 18, 2023
CDK7 is a Novel Therapeutic Vulnerability in Fibrolamellar Cancer" Presented by Sean Ronnekleiv-Kelly, M.D., FACS, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

April 11, 2023
Post-doc Seminar: "Effects of Myocardial Infarction on Stellate Ganglia Physiology" and "Versatile Interacting Peptide tags enable simultaneous labeling of multiple proteins with versatile reporters" Presented by: Courtney Clyburn (Habecker) and Kaylyn Devlin (Beatty)

April 4, 2023
"Enlighten neurophysiology with genetically encoded sensors" Presented by: Andre Berndt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, University of Washington

March 21, 2023
"Structural insights into the heteromeric assembly of ENaC" Presented by Isabelle Baconguis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Vollum Institute, Oregon Health and Science University

March 14, 2023
Student Seminar: "Structural insight into the gating of αβγ ENaC" Presented by: Rich Posert (Baconguis)

March 7, 2023
"Psychedelics and Related Plasticity-Promoting Neurotherapeutics" Presented virtually by David Olson, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Psychedelics & Neurotherapeutics; Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine, UC Davis

February 28, 2023
"Neural plasticity in the sympathetic-cardiac circuit" Presented by: Susan Birren, Ph.D., Zalman Abraham Kekst Professor of Neuroscience, Professor of Biology, Brandeis University

February 21, 2023
Student seminar - "The Development of Novel 4-Aminoquinolines as Therapeutics Against Multidrug Resistant Malaria" Presented by: Mason Handford (Riscoe) & "Revealing the Molecular Pharmacology of the P2X7 Receptor" Presented by: Adam Oken (Mansoor)

February 7, 2023
"Multi-parametric mutational and insertional profiling for data-driven models of protein biophysics" presented by: Daniel Schmidt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development, University of Minnesota

January 24, 2023
"Chromosomal instability and cancer progression" presented by: Samuel Bakhoum, Ph.D., Assistant Member, Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program, Department of Radiation Oncology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

January 17, 2023​​​​
"Chemical Intervention in Cellular Stress & Death Pathways" presented by: Peter Wipf, Ph.D., Distinguished University Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Bioengineering, University of Pittsburgh

January 10, 2023
"Do we still need crystallography? A case study in targeted protein degradation" presented by: Gabriel Lander, Ph.D., Professor, Integrative Structural and Computational Biology, Scripps Research

December 13, 2022
"Understanding the role of metal ion homeostasis in nutrient acquisition, survival and virulence of pathogenic bacteria" presented by Shivani Ahuja, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Reed College

December 6, 2022
"Visualizing α-Synuclein in Neurodegeneration: From all-atom simulations to in vivo imaging" presented by E. James Petersson, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry & Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania

November 29, 2022
Student Seminar: "Structure-guided design and characterization of a clickable, covalent PARP16 inhibitor" and "Towards optical control of TRPV1 in heterogeneous tissue" presented by Daniel Bejan, Grad Student Cohen Lab & David Icka Araki, Grad Student Frank lab

November 22, 2022
"CryoEM Investigation of GPCR complexes at 200keV" presented by Jonathan Fay, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Maryland

November 15, 2022
Student/Post Doc seminar: “Development of FRET based biosensors to quantify ADP-ribosylation in live cells” and "Cryo-EM structure of unliganded NAIP5 reveals activation mechanism of NAIP/NLRC4 Inflammasome" presented by Alix Thomas, Grad Student Schultz Lab & Bhaskar Paidimuddala, Postdoc Zhang Lab

November 8, 2022
"Structural and functional studies of molecular machines in the ubiquitin system" presented by Minglei Zhao, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Chicago

November 1, 2022
"Leveraging Novel Models to Address Complex Eye Diseases" presented by Anna Matynia, Ph.D., Researcher, Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA

October 25, 2022
Student seminar: "Melanoma-associated Retinopathy: Molecular Mechanisms” and "Uncovering the function of PARP7 auto-MARylation" presented by Ryan Hecht, Grad Student Morgans Lab & Ivan Rodriguez Siordia, Grad Student Cohen lab

October 11, 2022
"Viral RNAs in 3-D: Master Hijackers of Cellular Machinery" presented by Jeffrey Kieft, Ph.D., Professor and Vice Chair Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics University of Colorado

October 4, 2022
"Structural Visualization of Chromatin Regulatory Complexes using Cryo-EM" presented by Yuan He, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Northwestern University

June 14, 2022
"What orphan channels and protein engineering can teach us about sodium channels" presented by Stephan Pless, Ph.D., Professor, Center for Biopharmaceuticals, Department of Drug Design & Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen

May 26, 2022
"Proteome-Wide Reversible Ligand and Target Discovery in Cells" presented by Chris Parker, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Scripps Research

May 17, 2022
"The impact of obesity on maternal and offspring metabolic health" presented by Paul Kievit, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Oregon National Primate Research Center, OHSU

May 10, 2022
"A chemical biology toolbox for probing A-to-I RNA editing" presented by Jen Heemstra, Ph.D., Professor, Emory University

May 3, 2022
"Adipose tissue plasticity and its role in shaping metabolism" presented by Prof. Dr. Christian Wolfrum, ETH Zürich

April 19, 2022
"Delta cell regulation of beta cell function" presented by Maria Golson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, John Hopkins University

April 5, 2022
"Molecular insights into psychedelic drug actions" Presented by: Bryan Roth, M.D., Ph.D., Michael Hooker Distinguished Professor, UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine

March 29, 2022
Regulation of Calcium Oscillations in β-Cells by Co-activated Cannabinoid Receptors” and "Developing small molecules to probe the nuclear lamina in live cells" Presented by: Aurelien Laguerre, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Scholar, Schultz Lab and Julia Warren, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Scholar, Xiao Lab

March 15, 2022
"Chemical control of Cullin-RING E3 ligase neddylation" Presented by: Danny Scott, Ph.D., Sr. Scientist, Department of Structural Biology, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 

March 8, 2022
Student Seminar: "Elucidating the Role of ACE2 in Acute Kidney Injury" and "Exploring the roles of host lipids during SARS-CoV-2 infection" Presented by: Jackie Emathinger, BS, Grad Student Gurley Lab & Scotty Farley, BA, Grad Student Tafessee and Schultz Labs

February 15, 2022
"Flow-based methods for chemical protein synthesis" Presented by: Nina Hartrampf, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Zurich

February 8, 2022
Designing a SWELL drug to treat metabolic syndrome" Presented by: Rajan Sah, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Division, Washington University in St. Louis

 February 1, 2022
"Targeting Translation Inhibition as a Therapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer" Presented by: Sanjay Malhotra, Ph.D., FRSC, Professor, Cell, Development & Cancer Biology, Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Health & Science University

January 25, 2022
"New Covalent Bonding Ability for Proteins" Presented by: Lei Wang, Ph.D., Professor, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of California, San Francisco 

January 11, 2022
"In-Situ Confinement and Rewiring of Membrane Receptors by Nanotools and Light" Presented by: Robert Tampé, Ph.D., Professor and Director of the Institute of Biochemistry Goethe University Frankfurt

January 4, 2022
"Sweet Debate: The Role of Sugar and Fructose in Metabolic Syndrome, Alcohol Use Disorder and Kidney Disease" Presented by Miguel Lanaspa, D.V.M., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Nephrology & Hypertension, Oregon Health & Science University

December 14, 2021
"USP36 & The Nucleolar RNA Exosome" Presented by Mushui Dai, Professor of Molecular & Medical Genetics, Oregon Health & Science University 

December 13, 2021
"The Ubiquitin-Mediated Proteolytic System: From Basic Mechanisms and on to Human Diseases and Drug Targeting" Presented by: Nobel Laureate Dr. Aaron Ciechanover, Technion Israel Institute of Technology

December 7, 2021
"Cyclic Dinucleotide Signaling Via Non-STING-TBK1-IRF3 Pathways" Presented by Dr. Herman Sintim, Purdue University

November 30, 2021
Student seminar: Janelle Tobias, B.S., and Daniel Sanderson, B.S.

November 23, 2021
Student seminar: Matt Blake, B.S., and Michael Berry, M.S.

November 16, 2021
Student seminar: Julia Huey, B.S., and Alina Krollenbrock, M.S.

November 9, 2021
"Incorporation and Consequences of Post-transcriptional Uridine Modifications in mRNAs" Presented by: Kristin Koutmou, University of Michigan

October, 26, 2021
"Dancing to a Different Tune: TANGO Gives Hope for Dravet Syndrome" Presented by Lori Isom, Ph.D., Chair & Maurice H. Seevers Collegiate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, University of Michigan 

October 19, 2021
Student seminar: Gina Calco, B.S.E., and Rich Posert, B.A.

October 12, 2021
"Sweet Journey to a Sugar-coated Trail: Protein glycosylation & secretion in Gram-positive bacteria" Presented by Hui Wi, Ph.D., Professor of Integrative Biosciences, Oregon Health & Science University

October 5, 2021
"Unexplored frontiers in Bacterial Peptidoglycan: New Evidence and the Historical Paradigm" Presented by Gyanu Lamichhane, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, John Hopkins University

September 28, 2021
"Approaches to Developing Potent & Selective Inhibitors for Methyltransferases" Presented by Rong Huang, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Purdue University

June 15, 2021
"Membrane protein biogenesis and assembly at the mammalian ER" presented by Rebecca Voorhees, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology and Biological Engineering, California Institute of Technology

June 8, 2021
"Structural Basis for Gating of Mechanosensitive Channels" presented by Peng Yuan, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology, Center for the Investigation of Membrane Excitability Diseases, Washington University School of Medicine

June 1, 2021
"Synthetic biology approaches to study and exploit RNA regulation" presented by Bryan Dickinson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Chicago

May 25, 2021
"Use of fluorescent D-amino acids for the study of peptidoglycan biosynthesis and bacterial cell division" presented by Michael S. VanNieuwenhze, Ph.D., Standiford H. Cox Professor of Chemistry Department of Chemistry, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, Indiana University

May 18, 2021
"Cilia related proteins in neurons as novel regulators of metabolism and cardiovascular function" presented by Kamal Rahmouni, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Neuroscience & Pharmacology University of Iowa

May 11, 2021
"Genetically encoded chemistries to read and write biology" presented by Abhishek Chatterjee, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Boston College

May 4, 2021
"Lipid-dependent structural transitions in the native lens gap junction Cx46/50" and "Trace Amine-Associated Receptor 1 Intracellular Localization and Trafficking" presented by Jonathan Flores, M.S., Grad Student Reichow Lab and Julia Huey, B.S. Grad Student Janowsky Lab 

April 27, 2021
"Investigating the role of trace amines in the pancreatic islet" and "Global lipidomics of SARSCoV- 2 proteins reveals druggable dependence on host lipids" presented by Kaya Keutler, M.S., Grad Student Schultz Lab and Scotty Farley, BA, Grad Student Schultz & Tafesse Lab 

April 20, 2021
"OncoPPi: a Network of Cancer associated Protein-Protein Interactions to Inform Therapeutic Strategies" presented by Haian Fu, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, Director of the Emory Chemical Biology Discovery Center

April 13, 2021
"How do cells sense force and why is it important?" presented by Swetha Murthy, Ph.D., Assistant Scientist/Professor, Vollum Institute Oregon Health & Science University

April 6, 2021
"Targeting gastrointestinal cancers with aldehyde dehydrogenase inhibitors" presented by James Chen, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Chemical and Systems Biology Stanford University

March 30, 2021
"Can Modulating Endocannabinoid System Treat Headache?" presented by Tally Largent-Milnes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology
University of Arizona

March 16, 2021
"The interplay of cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2 in cell signaling" and "Elucidating the protective role of proximal tubule ACE2 in acute kidney injury" presented by Alix Thomas, M.S.Grad Student Schultz Lab and Jackie Emathinger, B.S., Grad Student Gurley Lab 

March 9, 2021
"Bridging Chemistry and Biology for New Classes of Imaging Probes and Protein Degraders" presented by Jin Wang, Ph.D., Professor and CPRIT Scholar, Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, Baylor College of Medicine

March 2, 2021
"Visualization and control of information flow in live cell GTPase networks" presented by Klaus Hahn, Ph.D., Thurman Distinguished Professor, Department of Pharmacology, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

February 23, 2021
"Immune and metabolic mechanisms of developmental programming in maternal obesity" and "Coronavirus infection and PARP expression dysregulate the NAD metabolome"" presented by Kim Montaniel, B.A., Grad Student Maloyan Lab and Daniel Sanderson, B.A., Grad Student Cohen Lab 

February 16, 2021
"Targeting bacterial virulence through two-component system signaling" presented by Erin E. Carlson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota

January 26, 2021
"The Role of Insulin in Obesity-Related Asthma" and "Bone marrow-derived lipocalin 2 as a mediator of appetite suppression during cancer cachexia" presented by Gina Calco, B.S., Grad Student Jacoby Lab and Brennan Olson, B.A., Grad Student Marks Lab

December 15, 2020
“Investigating migraine pathophysiology using preclinical animal models” presented by Gregory Dussor, Ph.D., Associate Professor Neuroscience, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas

December 8, 2020
“Chemical tools to discover and target glycoproteins on pathogenic bacteria” presented by Danielle Dube, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Director of the Biochemistry Program Bowdoin College

December 1, 2020
“Type 1 diabetes – from biomarkers to therapeutic targets” presented by Ernesto Nakayasu, Ph.D., Scientist, Biological Science Division, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

November 17, 2020
“A zinc-centric approach for studying human islet physiology & diabetes” presented by Wen-Hong Li, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Cell Biology and of Biochemistry, UTSW Medical Center

November 3, 2020
“Toward the ENaC Transmembrane Domain" and “Evaluating the effects of palmitoylethanolamide signaling on GSIS with spatiotemporal control” presented by Rich Posert, B.A., Grad Student Baconguis Lab and Janelle Tobias, B.S. Grad Student Frank Lab

October 27, 2020
Unfolded Protein Response in Cardiometabolic Health and Disease” presented by Ebru Erbay, M.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Cardiology, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center & David Geffen School of Medicine

October 13, 2020
“Stem Cell Models of the Peripheral Nervous System Disorder Familial Dysautonomia” presented by Nadja Zeltner, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Center of Molecular Medicine, University of Georgia

October 8, 2020
"The role of 4S-CSPGs during sympathetic nerve regeneration following myocardial infarction" and "Detecting conformational states of GPCRs by tryptophaninduced quenching of fluorescence" presented by Matthew Blake, BS, Grad Student Habecker Lab and Anthony Shumate, BS, Grad Student Farrens Lab

October 1, 2020
“An inhibitory sub-population of intrinsically photosensitive ganglion cells in the dorsal retina forms a visual streak for subconscious vision" & “Development of clinically relevant AAV vectors for systemically-delivered CNS gene therapy using transcription dependent directed evolution"” presented by Michael Berry, MS, Grad Student Sivyer Lab, and Samuel Huang, BA & BS, Grad Student Nakai Lab

June 25, 2020
“Modulation of islet hormone secretion by dopamine receptor dynamics” presented by David Piston, Ph.D., Professor and chair of Cell Biology & Physiology, Washington University

May 14, 2020
“How pathogenic bacteria usurp host ubiquitination” presented by Jonathan Pruneda, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, Oregon Health & Science University

April 23, 2020
"Chemical Biology in CEDAR" presented by Bruce Branchaud, Ph.D., Distinguished Scientist, CEDAR, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and Adem Yildirim, Ph.D., Specialist, CEDAR, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

March 3, 2020
"Developmental Influences on Sympathetic Inputs to Brown Adipose Tissue" presented by Lori Zeltser, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology, Columbia University

February 25, 2020
"Longitudinal Learning in the SMMART Program" presented by Joe Gray, Ph.D., Professor and Director, OCSSB, Oregon Health & Science University

February 20, 2020
"Templated chemistry on nucleic acids and proteins for interrogations in chemical biology" presented by Oliver Seitz, Ph.D., Professor, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

February 18, 2020
"How genes jump: from mechanisms to therapeutic applications with mobile DNA" presented by Orsolya Barabas, Ph.D., Group Leader, Structural and Computational Biology, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

February 13, 2020
"Investigating Protein Degradation at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology" presented by Heeseon An, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School

February 6, 2020
"An activity-guided map of electrophile-cysteine interactions in primary human immune cells" presented by Ekaterina Vinogradova, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Chemistry, The Scripps Research Institute

February 4, 2020
"Small molecule activators of the NLRP1 inflammasome" presented by Daniel Bachovchin, Ph.D. Assistant Member, Chemical Biology Program, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

January 30, 2020
"New Pharmacological Approaches for Chemical Probe Development in Cancer and Neurodegeneration" presented by Fleur Ferguson, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

January 16, 2020
"Modeling active sites of copper monooxygenases" presented by Katherine Alwan, Ph.D. Student, Blackburn Lab, and "Leptin locally activates PKA for KATP channel trafficking" presented by Veronica Cochran, Ph.D. Student, Shyng Lab

December 10, 2019
"A Primary Mammary Organoid System to Trace Breast Cancer Treatment Reveals Molecular Targets to Interfere with Minimal Residual Disease" presented by Martin Jechlinger, Ph.D., Group Leader, Cell Biology and Biophysics, EMBL

December 9. 2019
"Direct visualization of ciliary complexes in motion by cryo-electron tomography reveals the switching inhibition mechanism of ciliary motility" presented by Jianfeng Lin, Ph.D., Field Applications Scientist III, Materials & Structural Analysis, Thermo Fischer Scientific

December 9, 2019
“Autonomic Control of Metabolism” presented by Alex Caron, Ph.D., Instructor, Department of Medicine, UT Southwestern Medical Center

December 5, 2019
“Neural basis of sensory cortical development and plasticity” presented by Y. Jennifer Sun, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Scholar, UCSF

December 2, 2019
"Structural and Functional Studies on the Signaling Scaffold P-Rex1, a Metastatic Factor, as a Paradigm for Understanding RhoGEF Regulation" presented by Jennifer Cash, Ph.D., Joint Research Investigator, Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University

December 2, 2019
“Catecholamines suppress fatty acid re-esterification and increase oxidation in white adipocytes via STAT3” presented by Shannon M. Reilly, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine from UCSD

November 26, 2019
"Genetically-defined circuits for the regulation of appetite" presented by Jon Resch, Ph.D., Instructor of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School

November 19, 2019
"Sex-specific mechanisms in the ventromedial hypothalamus controlling metabolic function" presented by Maribel Rios, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Tufts University

November 15, 2019
"Transcription repression by Chromatin Modifier PRC2: Insights from Cryo-EM" presented by Vignesh Kasinath, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley

November 5, 2019
"Recognition and degradation of amyloid peptides by human insulin degrading enzyme and presequence protease" presented by Wei-Jen Tang, Ph.D., Professor, Ben-May Department for Cancer Research, University of Chicago

October 29, 2019
"Chemical Probes for Identification and Imaging of Hydrolases Important for Cancer and Infectious Diseases" presented by Matt Bogyo, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Pathology, Stanford

October 15, 2019
"Neuroendocrine regulation of pulsatile LH secretion in mouse models of stress and hyperandrogenemia" presented by Sasha Kauffman, Ph.D., Professor, OBGYN and Reproductive Sciences, UCSD

October 10, 2019
“A new therapy for multiple sclerosis: myelin repair stimulated by CNS-selective thyroid hormone action” presented by Meredith Hartley, Ph.D., Post-Doc, Chemical Physiology and Biochemistry, Oregon Health & Science University

October 8, 2019
“New Horizon in Enzymology from Cryo-EM and X-ray Free-electron Laser (XFEL)" presented by Ming-Daw Tsai, Ph.D., Distinguished Research Fellow, Institute of Biological Chemistry, National Taiwan University

September 24, 2019
“Plasticity in Parvalbumin and Perineuronal Nets in Rat Cocaine Addiction Models ” presented by Barbara Sorg, Ph.D., R.S. Dow Chair of Neurobiology, Legacy Research Institute

August 29, 2019
“From DNA replication to transcription regulation -changing the paradigm for the ATR-dependent DNA damage response” presented by Joshua C. Saldivar, Ph.D., Scientist, CEDAR, Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Health & Science University

August 16, 2019
"Chemical and biological protease probes for microbiome metaproteomics" Presented by Dennis Wolan, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Medicine, Scripps Research Institute