Congratulations to Chemical Physiology's T32 Recipients

Prof. Beth Habecker has been awarded funding from NIGMS to support the new OHSU Chemical Physiology T32 fellowship program.  The goal of the OHSU Chemical Physiology T32 program is to produce a new generation of scientists who will elucidate the fundamental mechanisms that undergird health and disease by applying chemical biology tools to understand physiology, pathophysiology, and medicine.  A unique aspect of this training program is that students will receive training in both chemistry and physiology in a medical school environment.  Profs. Kimberly Beatty and Michael Cohen will serve as Associate Directors for this program.

The OHSU Chemical Physiology T32 program will support two fellows in the first year, graduate students Sarahi Garza and Michael Crawford.  Garza is a member of the Frank Lab and proposes to investigate cannabinoid 1 receptor signaling in hippocampal reward circuits.  Crawford is a member of the Tafesse Lab and will use multi-functional lipid probes to investigate the role of lipids in flavivirus infection.  The department congratulates both Garza and Crawford on being selected for this program!