Congratulations to our summer intern poster winners

Winners of the CBP-SURP outstanding poster award
Chime Amaefuna and Sophia Slack, winners of the CBP-SURP Outstanding Poster award.

Friday, August 12 was the 2022 Research Internship Poster Symposium and Ceremony where our 11 CPB-SURP summer interns shared their research with the OHSU community. Congratulations to Chime Amaefuna and Sophia Slack for receiving the CBP-SURP Outstanding Poster awards presenting their summer research.  A big thanks to Liman Zhang, Phil Yates, and Sue Aicher for serving as poster judges. A big congratulations to the poster winners and a high-five to all our interns this summer for your dedication and hard work.

CHIME AMAEFUNA - University of Pennsylvania 
Effects of myocardial infarction on cardiac-projecting and brown adipose tissue-projecting neurons in the stellate ganglia

SOPHIA SLACK - George Washington University
Inhibition of PDE2A reduces NE release from ex vivo murine atria