American Heart Association (AHA) Postdoctoral Fellowship Awarded to Satyaki Chatterjee, Ph.D.


Satyaki Chatterjee, Postdoc from the Valiyaveetil Lab, was awarded the American Heart Association (AHA) Postdoctoral Fellowship

Per Satyaki, "Receiving the American Heart Association postdoctoral fellowship award is a significant milestone in my academic journey. This prestigious award not only validates the merit of my research and scholarly contributions but also provides a unique opportunity for further professional and intellectual growth. Beyond the financial support, the award signifies a vote of confidence in my potential to make meaningful contributions to the academic community. This invaluable experience will not only enhance my skills but also open doors to broader networks, positioning me for a successful and impactful career in academia and, in essence helping me to transition as an independent investigator."

Congratulations, Satyaki!