Civil Rights Concerns: Submit a Report and Reporting Options

The Office of Civil Rights Investigations and Compliance (OCIC) investigates concerns about discrimination, harassment and retaliation. We give all reports serious consideration and appreciate your efforts to bring concerns forward.

Quick links:

    Submit a report to OCIC

    OHSU encourages you to submit a report if you experience any discrimination, harassment or retaliation, including any type of sexual misconduct.

    • Anyone connected to OHSU can use this form. This includes students, volunteers, employees, patients, applicants for educational programs, applicants for employment, and others.
    • You can report something that happened to you or make a report on behalf of someone else.
    • We review reports during business hours.
    • You can fill out the form online or download it and send it to the OCIC office.
    • Filling out a form here does not mean that you have filed a criminal (police) report.
    • We will keep information you submit confidential to the extent possible under OHSU policies, but you must include your name.
    • If you want to submit an anonymous report, use the Integrity Hotline.

      What to expect

      Response: We will contact you as soon as possible after you submit a report.

      Confidentiality: You must include your name to make a report to OCIC. Our investigations are kept confidential to the extent possible under OHSU policies. Information will be shared on a need-to-know basis in keeping with OCIC’s rules of investigation or as required by law.

      Protection from retaliation: Federal law, state law and OHSU policy prohibit retaliation against anyone who files a complaint with OCIC or who takes part in an OCIC investigation. We will investigate alleged retaliation. Learn how OHSU defines retaliation on page 5 of OHSU’s Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Policy.

      Referral: If appropriate, we may direct your complaint to Human Resources, the Integrity Department, your union or another OHSU department.

      Expectations for OHSU members

      All OHSU employees, except confidential resources, are designated reporters of discrimination, harassment and retaliation. Students are not designated reporters. 

      • OHSU employees, except confidential employees, are required to promptly notify OHSU officials if they hear of discrimination, harassment and retaliation including sexual misconduct.  

      • All OHSU members are encouraged to report any discrimination, harassment or retaliation they experience. 

      • OHSU offers a range of reporting options for everyone who is directly involved or is aware of a situation. These include OCIC, your Human Resources business partner, and confidential support.  

      • Don’t hesitate to reach out for guidance on when or where to make a report.

      Start a report

      You must include your name to submit a report using this form. If you would prefer to make an anonymous report, see options in the table below.

        Other support and reporting resources

        Confidential Advocacy Program

        Can I report anonymously? Yes.

        OHSU Ombuds

        Can I report anonymously? Yes. No records are kept. Exceptions to confidentiality are limited to immediate threats to safety and mandatory reporting, such as child abuse.

        OHSU Integrity Department


        Submit a report

        Can I report anonymously? Yes, but your identity could be revealed during an investigation.

        OHSU Public Safety

        This option is reporting a crime to a police agency.

        Patient Relations

        This option is for patients who experience discrimination.

        OHSU Human Resources

        • Find your business partner on O2. (You must be on the OHSU network to access this link.)
        • Consider talking with your supervisor or an academic official.

        OHSU labor unions

          Submit a report to OCIC

          Questions, concerns