An OHSU resource for busy parents and parents-to-be

This site will direct you to the information you need as a busy OHSU employee or student who is thinking about expanding your family or is already raising kids. Or perhaps you're a prospective student or employee considering applying to OHSU and want to know how work or school will accommodate your raising a family. This site will give you: 

  • Employee information, including benefits and leave options, adoption assistance.
  • Student information, including academic adjustment and leave options.
  • Child care options, locations and OHSU discounts.
  • Lactation policies, supplies and rooms on campus.
  • Resources including how to:
    • Find your HR Business Partner or Program Accommodation Liaison
    • Contact OCIC, Title IX coordinator or report discrimination
    • Find a support group on campus 
    • Learn about other tips, apps and websites related to parenting

About Elena Griffin

Elena Griffin, M.D. Class of 2019, and family
Elena Griffin, M.D. (class of 2019) and family. Elena started medical school with one young child and had two more while in medical school.

This website was inspired by OHSU medical student and mother, Elena Griffin, who gave birth to her two youngest children while maintaining full-time enrollment at OHSU. She graduated from the M.D. program in winter 2019 — thanks to a lot of support from her husband, and careful planning.

“My hope is that this website will provide you with pertinent information and resources that will help you better navigate your academic options as you begin to plan for the arrival of your new child,” Griffin said. “I hope this website can help you make decisions that are best for you and your unique situation.”