Get Confidential Support

Dealing with discrimination, harassment, retaliation and sexual misconduct of any kind can be difficult and painful.

If you face any of these issues, you can:

Submit a report to the Office of Civil Rights Investigations and Compliance (OCIC). OCIC is a neutral, independent department. Reports to OCIC are investigated with care and as much privacy as possible, but we do not offer confidential advice, support and advocacy.

Discuss your situation first with a work or academic supervisor or HR representative. Be aware that they may be required to report what you share. Reporting discriminatory misconduct lets us address it, track it, and improve the culture at OHSU.

Get confidential support. On this page you’ll find many programs that offer support and advice and allow you to remain anonymous. This means there will be no record of your identity and/or your identity will not be shared with others.

Confidential support for all OHSU members

All OHSU members who have concerns or need support can use this resource, including employees, students, faculty and volunteers.

The OHSU Ombuds offers safe and confidential support to all OHSU members at all locations (including Ashland, Monmouth, Klamath Falls and La Grande). They focus on people experiencing problems or conflicts related to their role at OHSU. This includes acts of discrimination and harassment.

The OHSU Ombuds is not a mandatory reporter. This means you can have an off-the-record conversation about your situation to explore your options before taking any formal actions.

Ombuds can:

  • Listen to concerns.
  • Remain impartial.
  • Help identify options.
  • Make inquiries.
  • Make referrals.
  • Explain policies and procedures.
  • Problem-solve and strategize.
  • Facilitate communication between parties.
  • Provide information about formal and informal grievance options.
  • Facilitate resolutions in an impartial manner.

Learn more about when to contact the Ombuds.

The Confidential Advocacy Program (CAP) offers live, confidential support 24/7.

They support all OHSU members who experience any form of sexual misconduct or interpersonal violence at OHSU or outside of OHSU. CAP also supports OHSU members who experience discrimination, harassment or retaliation related to their OHSU education or employment.

CAP advocates can:

  • Connect you with community and campus resources.
  • Provide emotional support.
  • Help you make a safety plan.
  • Help you understand and choose between reporting options. 

Learn more about CAP’s confidential contact options.

Confidential support for students

OHSU students and other learners who have concerns or need support can use these resources.

The Student Health and Wellness Center offers a variety of health services on the Marquam Hill campus in Baird Hall. Some services are also available for students’ spouses, domestic partners and adult children.

The center provides:

  • Primary care
  • Behavioral health
  • Integrative medicine
  • Wellness services

    Confidential support for employees

    OHSU employees can use these resources.

    Employees who are eligible for benefits, and their dependents, can access confidential, professional support through the Employee Assistance Program. This program is free, regardless of the medical plan you choose.

     Services include:

    • Three face-to-face, phone or live video chat counseling sessions
    • 24-hour crisis line
    • Legal consultations
    • Financial coaching
    • Child and eldercare resource retrieval services
    • Homeownership program

      The OHSU School of Medicine offers a Resident and Faculty Wellness Program for OHSU residents, faculty and fellows. The program helps with stress, burnout and other personal or professional concerns.

        Submit a report to OCIC

        Questions, concerns

        Expectations for OHSU members

        When it comes to discriminatory misconduct: 

        • OHSU employees, except designated confidential employees, must report discriminatory misconduct they hear about to OCIC or to their Human Resources business partner. 
        • Students are not required to report discriminatory misconduct. 
        • All OHSU members are encouraged to report discriminatory misconduct they experience. 
        • See OHSU's Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation policy for more detail.  

        Unsure if you need to report? Call OCIC at 503-494-5148