Tracking My Application

What is the status of my application?

  • You can review the status of all your applications by logging into iRecruitment and reviewing the home page under the header "Jobs Applied For". You may need to click "Full List" if you have applied for many jobs Please allow 6-8 weeks for the status to update. If after that time the status has not changed, you are welcome to send the IRC number of the job(s) in question to for a status update.

I've uploaded a new resume / I've made a change to my application --- How do I resubmit to the hiring manager?

  • Your iRecruitment profile is in a real-time system. When the hiring manager reviews your application s/he will see everything that is in the system at that moment. If you update your application before the hiring manager reviews it, s/he will see your updates. Please note: The hiring manager could review your application at any time, and we will not send requests to hiring managers to review your updates. Please attempt to have your application up-to-date as soon as possible. Generally, if your status is still active, it may be safe to make updates.

Once I’ve submitted my application/resume, when will I be contacted?

  • Due to the large number of applications we receive, we will only contact applicants who are selected for an interview. Please allow 6-8 weeks to be contacted or to see a change in your application status in iRecruitment.

How long does the application review process usually take?

  • The application review process can range from 6 to 8 weeks depending on the need and urgency of the recruitment. Please keep an eye on your application status for updates.

My "Application Status" hasn't changed yet. What does that mean?

One of three things:

  1. The hiring manager has not yet reviewed your application.
  2. The hiring manager is waiting for more applicants before they review applications or begin interviews.
  3. The position has been filled and the system will be updated shortly.

What does the Application Status column mean?

  • Active Application - your application was successfully submitted. You are still under consideration for the job
  • First Interview - First interview scheduled
  • Incomplete Application - Your application has been declined for this vacancy. Please review your profile information to make sure it is as complete as possible
  • Other Qualified Applicants Being Considered - other candidates' qualifications appear to be a better fit for this position
  • Offer Extended - An offer has been extended to you for this vacancy
  • Second Interview - Second interview scheduled
  • Vacancy Filled - The hiring manager has selected another applicant for the job

If you no longer see a specific vacancy listed on your "Jobs Applied For" page (be sure to click "Full List" to be certain), then the vacancy was cancelled. OHSU will not hire for that vacancy at this time.

  • Don't give up - keep checking back to our job listing page, and keep working on improving your qualifications.

Who is the supervisor/hiring authority of the position for which I applied?

  • We are not able to provide hiring staff contact information to applicants This applies to specific jobs as well as requests for informational interviews or visits from out-of-state We appreciate your understanding.

Are all applicants interviewed?

  • No. Supervisors review applicants and interview those who best match the requirements of the position.