Applying Online

Can I contact the hiring manager?

  • We are not able to provide hiring manager contact information to applicants. This applies to specific jobs as well as requests for informational interviews or visits from out-of-state. We appreciate your understanding.

Can I just mail / e-mail my resumé?

  • The vast majority of jobs at OHSU require an online application.  If the job posting requires an emailed resume, it will be indicated in the job posting.

How can I apply if I don't have a computer?

Can I delete old jobs from my past job submittals from my dashboard?

  • Past job submittals will appear for 3 years following the last activity on your application.

What does the Application Status column mean?

  • Submission Received - your application was successfully submitted
  • Under Review - Your qualifications are being reviewed. You are still under consideration for the position.
  • In Process – You have accepted a verbal offer for this position. Pre-hire activities are in process, including a written offer letter and background check. 
  • Offer Declined – You have declined a written offer for this position.   
  • Interviewed, Not Selected – We are moving forward with other candidates at this time.
  • Withdrawn – You have withdrawn as a candidate for this position.
  • Not Reviewed – Your application was received after we narrowed down our pool of candidates for the position.
  • Contacted, No response – We have attempted to contact you about this position but have not received a response
  • Interview, No Show – You did not show up for a scheduled interview. 

Can I apply to jobs at OHSU if I am retired through PERS?

  • OHSU does not hire individuals who are Tier One or Tier Two members of PERS, or who are members of OPSRP, and who have officially retired and are receiving retirement benefits under the state retirement system (PERS, OPSRP).

I need help. Who do I contact?

  • Questions not covered in our FAQ pages may be emailed to