Applying Online

How do I register and/or apply for a job?

Can I contact the hiring manager?

  • We are not able to provide hiring manager contact information to applicants. This applies to specific jobs as well as requests for informational interviews or visits from out-of-state. We appreciate your understanding.

​​​​​​​How do cover letters and other uploaded documents work in iRecruitment?

  • We encourage the use of cover letters as a way to supply additional information. NOTE: The iRecruitment job site allows you to upload a total of 10 documents to your profile (not per application submitted).  Any document you upload will be visible to every hiring manager who reviews your application. Therefore, naming your documents with the job number (e.g. IRC12345) or position title, or naming them for the type of position (e.g. "PAS Specialist.pdf"), is helpful.
  • You can modify the documents in your profile at any time.  If your application status is still "active", it's safe to update.  We will not inform hiring staff that you have updated your documents, so you are encouraged to submit only complete applications.
  • To upload any documents, login to iRecruitment and click "My Application" (this is your profile). Scroll down to the Documents section, and click "Add Another Document".

Can I just mail / e-mail my resumé?

  • The vast majority of jobs at OHSU require an online application via iRecruitment.  If the job posting requires an emiled resume, it will be indicated in the job posting.

Can I apply for a job now, and upload my resumé and cover letter later?

  • We strongly suggest that you have your personal information, resumé and cover letter in iRecruitment before you apply for a job. Once you submit your application, it is immediately available for review.

How can I apply if I don't have a computer?

  • We suggest you utilize local available resources.  There are a number of public locations you can use to apply online.

Do I always have to register each time I want to apply online?

  • You only need to register for iRecruitment once. After that you can log into the system any time you wish to view or apply for jobs, or make updates to your application.

I can't remember if I've ever registered or applied to OHSU with my personal email address.  How can I find out?

  • Use the password reset page for non-employees to submit a password request. If you have registered for iRecruitment in the past with that e-mail address, you will receive a password reset (NOTE: be certain to check your junk / spam mail folder for your reset password). If you haven't applied, you will see "Your email address does not match our records", and you will need to register that email address in iRecruitment [user guide] to create that account.

My employment history does not appear in chronological order. What's wrong?

  • Employment history stores in the order it was entered. When Human Resources reviews applications they are automatically sorted in chronological order.  You do not need to be concerned about this.

Can I delete old jobs from my "jobs applied for" page?

  • No, the jobs you have applied for are part of your HR record.

What do I enter as the end date for my current job?

  • If you are still working at your current job and don't have a planned date when you will leave it, simply leave the field blank.

Can I target a resume for a specific job if I'm applying for multiple positions?

  • You may attach up to 10 documents to your profile, which may include several versions of resumes and cover letters. However iRecruitment stores your documents as a common pool, not isolated to a single job.  Example: If you apply for a lab assistant position and create a resume/cover letter and then apply for a fitness instructor position and create a resume/cover letter - both sets will be visible to the hiring managers of any positions to which you have a current application.  Suggested ways to use the system include:
  1. Title your resume/cover letter with the job # and job name.  Delete any position-specific resumes/cover letters if the job status changes to indicate that you are no longer being considered for that position
  2. Consider uploading more general documents if you are applying to the same positions across OHSU.  For example, a resume titled, "PAS Specialist Resume".

Can I change my login ID (the e-mail address I used to register for iRecruitment)?

  • No, but you can register a new account.  Unfortunately, updating the email address breaks the old account.  NOTE: OHSU employees cannot change their login ID as it is tied to their network login.

Can I share an email that is already registered in iRecruitment?

No, each email account must be unique to the person. If you need an email account, try these sites*:

* OHSU does not endorse any specific email service. The sites listed are merely examples of many free email services available to applicants.

What does the Application Status column mean?

  • Active Application - your application was successfully submitted. You are still under consideration for the job
  • First Interview - First interview scheduled
  • Incomplete Application - Your application has been declined for this vacancy. Please review your profile information to make sure it is as complete as possible
  • More Qualified Applicants Being Considered - other candidates' qualifications appear to be a better fit for this position
  • Opening Filled - The hiring manager has selected another applicant for the job
  • Offer Extended - An offer has been extended to you for this vacancy
  • Pending - Candidate interviews are in progress
  • Second Interview - Second interview scheduled

If you no longer see a specific vacancy listed on your "Jobs Applied For" page (be sure to click "Full List" to be certain), the vacancy was cancelled. OHSU will not hire for that vacancy at this time.

Don't give up - keep checking back to our job listing page, and keep working on improving your qualifications.

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