Faculty and Staff

John McConnell, Ph.D.

John McConnell

Director, Center for Health Systems Effectiveness

Dr. McConnell is a health economist whose research has focused on state health policy, behavioral health, and quality improvement. He currently leads studies of Medicaid payment and delivery system reform, with a focus on Oregon and Washington. In addition to assessments on overall changes in health spending and quality, his work includes assessments of specific interventions designed to reduce disparities, improve prenatal and maternal health, improve outcomes related to substance use, and address social determinants of health.

Christina Charlesworth, M.P.H.

Pic of Christina Charlesworth

Senior Research Associate  | e-mail

Christina came to CHSE in 2015 from the epidemiology track at Oregon State University. Her prior research focused primarily on prescription medication use among older adults, including examination of characteristics associated with polypharmacy, national trends in prescription drug use, and the impact of functional status on outcomes among older adults receiving antihypertensive therapy.

Ashley Daly, M.P.H.

Research Statistician Ashley Daly

Research Statistician  | e-mail

Prior to joining CHSE in 2020, Ashley worked for several cancer centers and a state department of health where her research focused on pediatrics, cancer health disparities, and behavioral health system reform. She supports CHSE projects related to Oregon’s Medicaid transformation and women’s health, and her interests include access to health services, social determinants of health, and data visualization. Ashley received her M.P.H. in epidemiology from the Emory Rollins School of Public Health. 

Sara Edelstein, M.P.P.

Head shot of Sara Edelstein

Research Associate  | e-mail

Prior to joining CHSE in 2020, Sara worked at the University of Chicago’s Poverty Lab and Health Lab, where her research focused on homelessness and its intersection with health and education. Previously she explored numerous social policy topics related to vulnerable populations during her time at the Urban Institute in Washington, DC.  At CHSE, her work focuses on integrated managed care in the Medicaid program. She received her M.P.P. from Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy.

Rani George, M.P.H.

pic of Rani Georgy

Project Manager | e-mail

Rani supports multiple CHSE projects and is currently focusing on a project evaluating the impact of Oregon's Medicaid reform model on reducing racial and ethnic disparities. Previously, she worked at the Oregon Public Health Division on a statewide evaluation of cancer genetic testing and follow-up procedures. She has contributed to education, planning and analysis activities with public health programs at county and state health departments, community health centers and international health settings.

Jono Green, A.A.

Data Scientist Jono Green

Data Scientist | e-mail

Jono joined CHSE in 2020, bringing with him an extensive background in health administrative data, clinical quality measures, and data warehousing. His prior roles include programmer, analyst, consultant, and product manager. Currently Jono is reengineering core center databases and tools.

Jenny Grunditz, M.Sc.

Pic of Jenny Grunditz

Senior Research Associate | e-mail

Prior to joining CHSE in October 2015, Ms. Grunditz worked for two economic consulting firms, where her health care-related work included analysis of hospital mergers and an assessment of the economic consequences of medical liability reform. Ms. Grunditz has experience performing quantitative analysis of data from a broad range of sources and drawing on multiple disciplines, including economics, finance, management, and sociology, to solve complex problems. Her current work at CHSE focuses on health care performance improvement and Medicaid financing. She holds a MSc in Economics from University College London.

Kyle Hart, M.S.

Photo of Kyle Hart

Research Statistician  | e-mail

Kyle worked as a data manager for pain research in private industry for nine years before coming to OHSU, where he has done research in surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and women’s health. He earned his M.S. in biostatistics from OHSU in 2014 and worked with OHSU’s Biostatistics & Design Program from 2015 until joining CHSE in 2019. He has special interest in joint longitudinal and time-to-event models, complex data management, R, and machine learning.

Rebecca Hill, M.Phil.

Rebecca Hill

Research Statistician  | e-mail

Rebecca joined CHSE in 2020, supporting projects that focus on Medicaid policy reform and evaluation. She holds a master’s degree in criminology and is currently a doctoral candidate in epidemiology and biostatistics at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University. Prior to CHSE, Rebecca worked in the government and non-profit sectors, where her research spanned across a number of fields, including mental health, emerging zoonotic infectious disease, racial/ethnic health equity, and HIV/AIDS. Her current research focuses on the effects of discrimination on cardiometabolic risk.

Shannon Jakes, M.A.M.

head shot of Shannon Jakes

Research Coordinator |e-mail

Shannon has her master's in Leadership and Management and is currently working toward her Ph.D. in Managing Organizational Systems. She contributes to the CHSE team with project management, operational, human resources, and administrative functions. Before joining CHSE, she worked both domestically and internationally as a logistical coordinator, instructor, translator, and project manager. Her doctoral research explores organizational transitions and how they navigate change.

Cesar Juarez, M.S.

head shot of Cesar Juarez

Statistical Analyst |e-mail

Cesar joined CHSE in October 2020. Prior to that, he worked for laboratories that focused on genetics, molecular biology, and cellular biology. He received his M.S. in data analytics from Oregon State University and made the transition from the lab bench to analysis. He currently supports projects that focus on Medicare and Medicaid-eligible beneficiaries who have Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

Menolly Kaufman, M.P.H.

Menolly Kaufman

Research Associate |e-mail

Menolly received her M.P.H. in epidemiology from George Washington University and is currently a doctoral candidate in epidemiology at the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health. She joined CHSE in 2018 and works on projects related to maternal and child health, social determinants and Medicaid payment reform. Prior to joining CHSE, Menolly worked for a think tank and a Medicaid payer.

Hyunjee Kim, Ph.D.

Pic of Dr. Hyunjee Kim

Health Economist | e-mail

Hyunjee's research focuses on health care providers' behavioral responses to payment incentives in the context of the US health care systems. Her recent work explores how home health agencies responded to the Medicare prospective payment system in the 2000s. She is also interested in the health care market, health care cost and quality, long-term care, and aging.
Curriculum vitae

Anna Levy, M.P.H.

Pic of Anna Levy

Research Associate | e-mail

Anna finished her MPH in OHSU’s biostatistics track in 2016. She worked with hospital data at the Oregon Health Authority for the next two years before joining CHSE in 2018. In her undergraduate work, she studied writing and journalism, and she retains her interest in clear and effective communication of data and complex analytics.

Bonnie Lind, Ph.D.

Bonnie Lind

Assistant Professor
Senior Statistician
| e-mail

Bonnie is a biostatistician who has worked on a wide variety of projects from cardiovascular epidemiology research to analyzing utilization of complementary and alternative medicine under insurance coverage. Her current interests include using data to drive healthcare system change and end-of-life care.
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Stephan Lindner, Ph.D.

Stephan Lindner

Research Assistant Professor | e-mail

Stephan is a health and labor economist who evaluates the effectiveness of health policy programs and policies.  His current work includes an assessment of AHRQ's EvidenceNOW, a multisite effort to improve primary-care treatment of cardiovascular risk factors and an economic evaluation of Washington's Medicaid Transformation Project.
Curriculum vitae

Brynna Manibusan, M.S.

Statistical analyst Brynna Manibusan

Statistical Analyst | e-mail

Brynna joined CHSE in 2020 after completing her M.S. in biostatistics at the West Virginia University School of Public Health. She currently supports projects relating to Medicaid mental health providers and policies related to women’s contraceptive access, safe use, and continued utilization. Her previous interests and areas of study include opioid-related overdose mortality and prescription opioid safety.

Ann Martinez, M.P.H.

Photo of Ann Martinez

Research Associate | e-mail

Ann received her M.P.H. in biostatistics from OHSU in 2017 after working here since 2012.  Her background primarily lies in clinical research data management and analysis. Ann’s research interests include health systems improvement and health disparities, and she supports several CHSE projects investigating Oregon Medicaid and partnering with OHSU Hospital's clinical analytics team.

Thomas Meath, M.P.H.

Head shot of Thomas Meath

Senior Research Statistician | e-mail

Thomas analyzes Medicare data for CHSE's studies on lower-extremity joint replacement and provides leadership for coding practices at the center.  He came to CHSE in 2014 from the Biostatistics track at Oregon State University, where his research included identifying risk factors for child and maternal health, assessing spatial environmental exposures, and evaluating hospital quality metrics.

Shauna Petchel, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Head shot of Shauna Petchel

Senior Project Manager  | e-mail

Shauna joined CHSE in 2019 and manages the center’s health policy and transformation research portfolio. She holds a doctorate in health systems and policy from the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health. She specializes in qualitative and mixed-methods evaluations, and her interests include health and human services integration, payment reform, and cross-sector collaboration to address social determinants of health. Recent work includes evaluations of Washington state’s Medicaid Transformation Project, Oregon’s Value-Based Payment Roadmap for Coordinated Care Organizations, the Oregon Patient Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) program, and research related to the CMS Accountable Health Communities initiative in Oregon. Prior to joining CHSE, her work spanned roles in patient care, nonprofit and human services management, philanthropy and higher education.  

Stephanie Renfro, M.S.

head shot of stephanie renfro

Associate Director | e-mail

Stephanie provides cohesion across CHSE projects and supports overall operations of the center through strategic planning, management and outreach. She is a statistician by training with expertise in health care quality measurement. Her recent work includes a reliability analysis of Washington clinic quality measures, decomposition of Oregon Medicaid spending growth, and evaluations of Oregon Medicaid’s transformation to Coordinated Care Organizations.

Ellena Rosenthal, B.S.

Ellena Rosenthal

Research Assistant II | e-mail

Ellena joined CHSE in March 2018 to work on the Washington All-Payer Claims Database as well as research on state Medicaid reform and health care disparities. Ellena graduated from the Urban Honors College at Portland State University with a degree in Psychology and Gender studies, focusing on trauma-informed care, Developmental Trauma Disorder, and related therapeutic practices. Before coming to OHSU, Ellena was a communications strategist for a local nonprofit. She continues to work as a freelance journalist, photographer, podcast writer and producer.

Ruth Rowland, M.A.

Ruth Rowland

Director of Operations | e-mail

Ruth coordinates CHSE's central infrastructure and planning.  Before coming to CHSE, she spent seven years as administrator for OHSU's Methamphetamine Abuse Research Center. Her background is in communications and she has worked on a number of clinical and qualitative research studies.

Erika Simeon, M.P.H.

Project Manager Erika Simeon

Research Project Manager | e-mail

Erika previously worked as a clinical research coordinator at OHSU in the Division of Trauma and at the Cystic Fibrosis Center, and completed her M.P.H. at OHSU in 2017 in the Primary Health Care and Health Disparities track. She joined CHSE in the fall of 2020 and supports multiple projects involving the assessment of Medicare and Medicaid programs and utilization of services. Her research interests include rural health care, AI/AN and transgender health equity, and immunization policy.

Kyle Tracy, B.S.

Photo of Kyle Tracy

Senior Data Scientist 

Manager of Data Engineering | e-mail

Kyle received his B.S. in physics from the University of Washington. After a stint in the UW lab looking for dark matter, he ended up working as an analyst in finance. There he worked on projecting financial outcomes and building models for targeted marketing. After that, he hopped over to a large insurance carrier where his work focused on building and maintaining databases and mining medical records for use in forecasting life and disability risk. Kyle is interested in investigating inefficiencies in health care provision, how to improve care for vulnerable populations, and the use of machine learning techniques in health care.

Kelsey Watson, M.P.H.

Kelsey Watson headshot

Research Data Analyst | e-mail

Kelsey analyzes T-MSIS national Medicaid data in support of research-informed health systems transformation. She joined CHSE in 2020 with her M.P.H. from Oregon State University's epidemiology track. Prior to joining CHSE, Kelsey worked with an Oregon health care provider evaluating inpatient and outpatient interventions and assisting in homelessness research. Her interests include health disparities among vulnerable populations and methodological challenges in the valid and accurate analysis of big data.