Our Values

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the analyses, evidence and economic expertise to build a better and more sustainable health care system.

What we deliver

  • Excellence. Our work adheres to the highest standards of academic rigor, with an emphasis on methodological soundness, precision, reproducibility, and presentation.
  • Objectivity. Our findings and conclusions are based on evidence and not influenced by our personal opinions and affiliations, or those of our funders.
  • Impact. We produce evidence that has direct implications for current health care policy issues at the state and national levels. Our work provides actionable insights for decision-makers across the health care system – including clinicians, hospital and state administrators, policymakers, and legislators.

Our mindset

  • Collaboration. Our impact depends on authentic commitment to partnerships inside and outside the Center
  • Autonomy. We set our own research agenda independently of our funders and OHSU. Our faculty and staff are encouraged to work autonomously within a collaborative framework.
  • Innovation. We continually test the use of innovative methods and novel approaches for enhancing our research, partnerships, and workplace environment.
  • Flexibility. We tailor our approach (including staffing, infrastructure, and methodology) to suit each project's specific needs and objectives, quickly adapting to changing circumstances. Our employees maintain a work schedule that accommodates their individual needs without compromising output or accountability.
  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity. We embrace individual differences and offer all employees equitable opportunities, respect, acceptance and support in both words and actions. We provide a safe environment for employees to work and socialize, and we value diverse points of view.

How we work

  • Generosity. We cultivate kindness and trust in our interactions with each other, clients, and other outside parties, recognizing the constraints and challenges that we each face as humans and institutions.
  • Curiosity. We believe in the power of data and in the value of partnerships. We do not shy away from asking new questions or from critically evaluating previously held conclusions and beliefs.
  • Everyone is a leader. Our faculty and staff are encouraged to exhibit leadership by showing initiative in every aspect of their work and proactively contributing to the management and strategic direction of the Center.