Our DBS Outcomes

OHSU is a leading center for deep brain stimulation surgery. Our experience with DBS has resulted in one of the lowest readmission rates in the U.S., of less than 3.7 percent within 30 days. 

Because we have performed over 1,800 DBS surgeries, OHSU’s experience is unparalleled.  Our coordinated care is finely calibrated for each patient. Data shows that OHSU, while offering the highest level of care, keeps the cost of DBS surgery among the lowest in the nation.

In addition to experience, OHSU provides excellent outcomes in part because we’re the only experienced team in asleep DBS on the West Coast. This makes the surgery faster, safer, more precise and more comfortable for the patient.

A study of 60 patients who received DBS surgery at OHSU – all but one to treat Parkinson’s or essential tremor – found that asleep DBS provided unrivaled precision and a very low risk of complications.

The study, published in the Journal of Neurosurgery in August 2013, is just one of at least 20 published studies by OHSU’s lead DBS neurosurgeon, Dr. Kim Burchiel. In all, OHSU researchers have published dozens of studies related to DBS, Parkinson’s and essential tremor.

Additional data

Read studies by OHSU researchers on DBS, Parkinson’s and essential tremor: