What is ACTNOW?

ACTNOW (Alzheimer’s Comprehensive Treatment Network of Oregon and Washington) is an online research-focused community of Oregonians, Southwest Washingtonians, and other individuals who are interested in aging, memory loss, and dementia-related news and initiatives from the OHSU Layton Aging & Alzheimer’s Disease Center. The Layton Center is nationally recognized and funded by the National Institutes of Health-National Institute on Aging (NIH-NIA), and is the only one of its kind in Oregon.

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Learn more about ACTNOW from its community and staff members.

Why join ACTNOW?

  • Get information about resources from a trusted source- the Layton Center is one of 31 NIA Alzheimer’s Disease Centers in the US and the only one in Oregon.
  • Engage with researchers by writing columns, joining focus groups, or participating in research
  • ACTNOW members can also join the registry to participate in studies on aging and dementia. Once registered, you can receive personalized notifications about upcoming or current research studies based on your preferences. Being part of a study means being a part of something greater- you’re:
    • Giving back to your community.
    • Creating new knowledge on aging, memory loss, and dementia.
    • Providing new experiences for local students and staff- the next generation of dementia researchers and healthcare professionals.
    • Raising hope for current and future generations.


Learn about the latest dementia news and updates and how they affect our community.

Alzheimer's blood test could surface in near future
The Columbian, January 2020
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Caring for the Caregivers: OHSU lands NIH award to test new ways to help people caring for family members with Alzheimer’s
OHSU News, October 2019
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Dr. Allison Lindauer, PhD, NP is a nurse practitioner and caregiving researcher. She writes about caregiving for friends and family members with dementia.

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Caregiver Corner: Celebrating the holidays with a family member who has dementia
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Caregiver Corner: Introducing a formal caregiver
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Caregiver Corner: Get by with a little help from friends
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The E-FIND Study

The Oregon Center for Aging and Technology (ORCATECH) at OHSU is recruiting participants for a research study to examine how financial behaviors change with age. The goal of the study is to discover the relationships between financial behaviors and cognitive health. Participation in the study includes two visits to your home, 12 months of free financial monitoring, and completion of study questionnaires and cognitive testing. As a participant you will receive a personal financial monitoring service that was designed especially for older adults. EverSafe, the technology company that will be providing financial monitoring, will send you alerts if they detect any significant unusual activity in your accounts. Neither EverSafe nor OHSU has access or the ability to move your money, but OHSU will receive information about alerts generated for you.

You may be eligible if you are 70 years of age or older, have internet access, and have online access to your banking, investment, or other financial accounts.

 Interested in joining E-FIND? Please contact the study coordinator Jennifer Marcoe at or 503-928-7292

 Learn more about E-FIND. Visit the website. 

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Joining ACTNOW is easy to do from home

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