Research Databases: REDCap & Customized Databases


REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure, web-based database application designed to support traditional case report form data capture for research studies.  It also is a powerful tool for building and managing online surveys (similar to Survey Monkey). Researchers can create and design surveys in a web browser and engage potential respondents using a variety of notification methods.



OCTRI Biomedical Informatics can assist research teams at Oregon Health and Science University (and their collaborators) by creating, editing, storing, and sharing the data they gather during their research.   Applications can be installed on a single computer or accessed through the OHSU intranet, or through the internet.  The cost of developing a custom application is dependent on the project (e.g. functionality, number of screens, number of fields, etc.).  If you are interested in developing a customized software application please contact the OCTRI Biomedical Informatics team.

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