Forming a Research Team

Forming a research team? Looking for collaborators? Identifying appropriate co-investigators or community and government collaborators to complete a research team can be challenging when researchers are pursuing innovative, translational projects that push the boundaries of established fields, departments, and institutions. OCTRI provides the following services for researchers who are identifying collaborators to complete the research team.
  • Basic scientists looking for clinical collaborators.
  • Clinical researchers who are ready to expand into population-based research.
  • Researchers who are ready to collaborate with practice-based research networks or community agencies.
  • Investigators seeking industry partners.
  • Clinical researchers interested in exploring research questions in animal models.
Please contact the Clinical Research Navigator to explore these options.

SciVal Research Expertise Locator

The SciVal (formerly Collexis) Research Expertise Locator provides a window into research activities and capabilities across OHSU. SciVal allows you to search for experts by concept or name, to explore research networks and trends, and to view individual researcher profiles.