BOD POD services

Body Composition testing services with the BOD POD™

Are you starting a new exercise/nutrition regimen and would like to know your baseline body composition? Or just curious to know where you are? Then the BOD POD™ is for you!

Cost:  $70 per test


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Interested in more information such as resting metabolic rate, exercise testing, or diet assessment?  Check out the Human Performance Lab in the department of Health Promotion and Sports Medicine for more details.


The BOD POD™ uses air displacement plethysmography to measure body density.  Results include body fat and fat-free mass as a percent and total kg of body weight.  This test is optimal for obese populations with a body weight maximum of 550 lbs. 

There is no radiationParticipant in BOD POD for body composition exposure during a BOD POD™.  Subjects are required to wear swimsuits or spandex during the test and must be fasting (no foods or beverages) and limit physical activity for 2 hours prior to the test.