Bionutrition Unit

The Bionutrition Unit provides nutrition, body composition, and energy expenditure services and consultation. Registered dietitians trained in research (aka bionutritionists) assist investigators with the design and implementation of research meals and feeding studies. They investigate participants' usual diets using several different methodologies and are experienced at conducting conuseling and other interventions designed to change dietary intake.The Bionutrition Unit also provides a variety of energy expenditure and body composition measurement services using a range of equipment. 

Program Leadership

Julia Jordan

Julia Jordan, M.S., R.D., L.D.

Manager, Bionutrition Unit


Focus On Collaboration

The FOoD Kitchen Cookbook

A collaboration between the CTRC Bionutrition Unit and the Graduate Program in Human Nutrition produced a new cookbook created for those with long-chain acid oxidation disorder. The cookbook, called The FOoD Kitchen, contains recipes that are low in fat with added MCT oil. Recipes were prepared and photographed in the OCTRI professional kitchen facilities.

The FOoD Kitchen Cookbook


The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Study and Cookbook

The CTRC Bionutrition Unit collaborated with the National College of Natural Medicine's Helfgott Research Institute to investigator the connection between inflammation and Type 2 diabetes. This NIH-sponsored research study focus on the health effects of a naturopathic Anti-inflammatory (AI) diet for 26 participants with impaired glucose tolerance.  Practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine recommended avoiding foods associated with allergies and emphasizing foods that are thought to reduce a harmful inflammatory response.  Meals were developed based on these recommendations for the randomized, controlled, six-week feeding study.

The unique recipes used in this study led to the development of The Pacific Northwest Anti-inflammatory Reference Cookbook.  This reference cookbook will be valuable to anyone interested in the nutritional content of anti-inflammatory foods both for themselves and as part of other scientific studies,

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