Gene Profiling Shared Resource

The Gene Profiling Shared Resource (GPSR) is a unit of the Integrated Genomics Laboratory and is located on OHSU Marquam Hill Campus in Richard Jones Hall, room 5330.


Services We Offer

  • Expression Profiling: mRNA and microRNA expression profiling, including options for whole transcript analysis and alternative transcript/exon analysis (microarray and qPCR)
  • DNA Variation Analysis: Whole genome and targeted SNP genotyping and copy number analysis with microarrays and PCR assays; methylation pattern analysis with Illumina EPIC arrays
  • RNA and DNA Isolation: Support available for RNA/DNA isolation in connection with microarray, sequencing or qPCR projects; automated protocols for QIAGEN spin-column kits, including PAXGene Blood RNA kits.
  • RNA Assessment: Quantification and  size or quality assessment of RNA samples
  • DNA Assessment: Quantification and size or quality assessment of DNA samples
  • Consulting for project design and grant development

For RNA-Seq and DNA-Seq services and information, please visit the MPSSR website

For Sanger sequencing and human cell line authentication services and information, please visit the DNA Services Core website

For study design and analysis support for expression genotyping and methylation arrays, please contact the OCTRI Translational Bioinformatics Core

Assistance with design, sample preparation, and data analysis for epigenetics porjects utilizing RNA-seq, DNA-seq, or Sanger sequencing is available through the KCVI Epigenetics Consortium.

To request services through the GPSR, go to the iLab website.

If you would like to request pre-project consultation or request a service that is not represented by one of the categories listed above, please contact Dr. Chris Harrington, GPSR Director.

Major Equipment/Technologies 

  • Complete Affymetrix GeneChip and Illumina BeadArray systems for array hybridization, processing, and scanning
  • Life Technologies QuantStudio qPCR System
  • NanoDrop 1000 and 8000 spectrophotometers
  • Molecular Devices M2 spec/fluorimeter
  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer & 2200 TapeStation
  • QIAcube & QIAsymphony Sample Prep Robots
  • Eppendorf epMotion 5075 Liquid Handling Robot
  • Suite of custom and commercial software for data QA/QC and analysis, including Partek Genomics Suite and Affymetrix Transcriptome Analysis Console

Instrument Access We Offer

  • QuantStudio qPCR System
  • Qiagen QIAcube Sample Prep Robots

Access to these instruments may be scheduled through the GPSR iLab website.
(Training is required prior to use).
If you require more information or assistance using the iLab ordering system, contact .

For all other service and instrument access inquiries, please contact the GPSR Director.

GPSR Acknowledgement

We would appreciate the inclusion of the following acknowledgment in publications and presentations of work done in the GPSR facility:

(Insert appropriate service or platform) were performed in the OHSU Gene Profiling Shared Resource

Services/Platforms: Microarray or qPCR assays, DNA or RNA isolation services, DNA or RNA quality assessments