Masahisa Amano, MD


Where are you from in Japan?

Toyokawa-City, Aichi Prefecture


What type of Education?  Degrees?

Graduated from Aichi Medical University in 2004. The medical department-medicine section


What was your experience like in the OHSU Family Medicine 3-month residency? 

 I felt that time flew during my exchange program.  I learned so many things, which I haven't experienced in the last 3 years when I was working as a doctor in Japan - from different medical systems, culture, ideas, to geology & climate. I learned that family medicine is not only treating illness but also preventing and promoting good health that fits each individual's life style, family situation and community.  And I felt that doctors in family medicine provide medical services for needs in what individuals, families and community are looking for. I could achieve my goals – learning OHSU FM residency program, their community medicine and speaking with patients.


What were your most memorable experience in your residency program and life in U.S.?

Residency program:  In Coquille, I was astonished when I saw Dr. Sinnott was seeing outpatients, inpatients, infants and patients in obstetrics, delivering babies, working in the ER, and besides, operating cesarean sections, being a first assistant for other types of surgeries and providing postoperative care,  and when I heard he had been doing this for so many years. When we went to a restaurant to have dinner, I saw a lot of people that said, "Hi, Dr. Shinnott." I thought I saw the spirit of the family medicine – deeply connected to the community and families. I had an opportunity to participate in the ALSO course. I thought it was very practical, organized, intelligible and systematic.

Life in U.S.:  I stayed 3 months from October, 2007. I could experience "real" Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and these experiences became my great memories. (We spent time with Heidi on Halloween and with my friends in Oregon on Thanksgiving & Christmas.)


Have you been able to use the training in their clinic in Japan?

Yes. When I see patients, I always think how I can build relationships with patients and how important it is. And also, I try to explain options of medical exams and treatments as clearly and much as possible, so that patients can choose. (However, a lot of patients would like me to choose.)


What are you doing now? 

After finishing the externship at OHSU (OHSU exchange program) from October and December, 2007, I worked as an internal medicine doctor at Ishioka-Daiichi Hospital in Ibaraki Prefecture for 1 year and 3 months to finish my JADECOM senior residency program.

After that, I worked as a Japanese intern at U.S. Naval Hospital in Okinawa between April, 2009 and March, 2010.  From April -  May 2010, I worked part-time at Adventist Medical Center, Internal Medicine.


Are you in a Family Medicine Residency?  Working?  More schooling?

I'll start a residency program in the Department of Family Medicine at University of Hawaii in July, 2010.