In our commitment to advancing the health and well-being of communities through service, we are proud to share a few examples of our didactics to provide a sense of the depth and breadth of our program.  Didactics will be held on a recurring basis, and time will be blocked for residents at each PGY-level. Teachers will include core program faculty, along with other community and regional experts in public health and preventive medicine.   

Environmental Health

  • Site visits (e.g., Willamette Superfund site, Hanford, Bull Run, local water treatment plant)
  • Toxicology (inter-professional case review with the toxicology fellows, on-site time with the Poison Control Center)
  • Water Quality/Boil Water Tabletop Exercise
  • Cooking with Gas: Health Impacts of Gas Stoves Pollution and Policy Needs

Clinical Preventive Services

  • Overview of the USPSTF/ Journal Club
  • Annual Medicare Wellness Visit
  • Pediatric Vaccines
  • Pediatric Well Visit
  • Addiction Care
  • Delivery approaches to preventive services
  • Addiction Care 101
  • PrEP to Prevent HIV

Behavioral Aspects of Health

  • Wellness
  • SBIRT Training and Motivational Interviewing
  • Principles of Harm Reduction 
  • The Waterfall of Addiction: Preventing Substance Use and Overdoses
  • Mindfulness

Health Services Management and Administration

  • Leadership in Preventive Medicine and Public Health
  • Advocacy
  • Population Health in a Health System
  • Improvement Science Co-Faculty Preparation Session
  • Capitol Lobby Day

Risk/Hazard Control and Communication and Emergency Preparedness

  • Public Health Crisis Survival Guide
  • County-level emergency preparedness exercises (weather-related table-tops, Cascadia prep)

Occupational Health

  • Basic institutional safety requirements for healthcare workers
  • Evaluation and management of blood-borne pathogen exposures
  • Evaluation and management of noninfectious exposures in the healthcare setting
  • Employee mental health challenges, trauma informed care and suicide prevention
  • The patient EMR vs the employee health record, and medicolegal aspects of occupational health
  • Employee travel medicine
  • Occupational health research

Health Equity/Social Determinants of Health

  • Health Share/CCO coordination of this work- 1115 expansion (housing, Medicaid, food assistance, etc)
  • Structural Competency Modules (online modules, Sakai)
  • Health Equity Perspectives 
  • Robert Graham Center Population Health GIS Mapping Exercise (Online modules)
  • Healthcare & Homes for All: The Impact of Houselessness on Health
  • Work with MultCo Community Partnerships and Capacity Building team

Principles of Research/Evidence Review, Biostatistics

  • Biostatistics Series
  • Principles of Research/Evidence Review
  • Guidline Review Process (JNC8, ACCP, AACE, Gold)

Public Health Practice

  • Outbreak investigation exercises
  • Interserction of public health and education (Online modules on Sakai)
  • Vaccines (Guideline Development and Population Health Approaches)
  • Public Health Practice: Basics of Gender Affirming Care
  • Ethics in Public Health Practice
  • Climate Checkup: Identifying Those Most Vulnerable to Climate Change, Gender Affirming Health Care 
  • Guest lecture series of public health professionals (e.g., State Epidemiologist, County Health Officers, etc.)

Lifestyle Medicine

  • Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Exercise as medicine
  • Sleep