Family Medicine Subinternship

Open to OHSU medical students and students from other medical schools who have completed their clinical rotations

During the subinternship, students will:

  • Spend four weeks completing an intensive experience working closely with OHSU Family Medicine faculty and residents.
  • Spend one-half of the rotation in an inpatient (hospital) setting, which includes care of adults and children. This may include maternal, neonatal, labor management, emergency room and surgical care.
  • Spend one-half in an OHSU family medicine outpatient clinic. This may include care of children, adults, geriatrics and pregnancy.
  • See patients independently and receive direct observation and feedback.


  • Understand and apply principles of family medicine in inpatient and outpatient settings.
  • Hone the compendium of skills needed to be a successful family medicine intern.
  • Learn the role of the family physician in the community.
  • Develop outpatient and inpatient care skills.

Non-OHSU students apply here