Capstone Projects

As part of a fully integrated four-year residency, our residents complete an individual, longitudinal capstone project which requires sustained effort over the four years of residency. These projects provide residents with the opportunity to integrate and demonstrate their knowledge of a subject that interests them.

Upon completion, residents will have produced one of the following learning outcomes:

  • Development of a postgraduate medical education curriculum that is testable and can be implemented by our residency or in other educational settings.
  • A quality improvement intervention that can be reported in a publication that reflects the Standards for Quality Improvement Reporting Excellence (SQUIRE) publication guidelines.
  • A clinical or community-based research project that results in a peer-reviewed, publication-ready article.

Developing one of these three learning outcomes provides our residents another avenue for professional development and a means to contribute to the knowledge base of the medical profession.

Examples of past capstone projects

  • “Feasibility of a Telemedicine Model for Inpatient Palliative Care Consults”
  • “Transgender Health Curriculum”
  • “The Effects of Psychosocial Adversity, Adult Attachment and Resilience on Health”
  • “Reproductive Health Services at School-Based Health Centers in Oregon”
  • “Predictors and Barriers of Transfers of HIV Care Between Rural Health Centers in Kenya”
  • “A Pilot Study to Investigate the Feasibility and Efficacy of Primary Care Physician- Led Shared Medical Appointments for the Treatment of Co-Morbid Major Depressive Disorder and Diabetes"

Capstone topics and recorded presentations

May, 2019 presentations: Watch the full video here.

Mustafa Alavi: Who Really Matches into Primary Care & Why Family  Medicine?
Jenna Walters: Establishing a Hospital-based Medical Legal  Partnership
Kris Azevedo: Training OHSU Family Medicine Residents in  Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder
Ben Hersh: Developing an Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) to Improve Transgender Health Care
Michael Tudeen: Program Evaluation of Oregon Medicaid's Planned  Out-of-Hospital Births Requiring Transfer to the  Hospital
Gabe Plourde: Opiate Use Disorder Capstone - A Multifaceted  Approach
Lisa Kipersztok: Family-Centered Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal  Syndrome (NOWS) Care: A Multi-disciplinary Improvement Initiative at OHSU

June, 2019 presentations: Watch the full video here

Rachel Sircar: Depression and ACE Screening in Pregnancy
Hans Han: Development of a Resident Curriculum in Japan
Maggie Wells: Hill Family Handbook for Patient and Physician Wellness
Kelly Shaffer: Adventure Therapy for the Treatment of Addiction
Cait Goss: Acquisition of Sexual and Reproductive Health Education
Jessica Cody: The Impact of Stress on Work Productivity among Thai Hospital Employees
Sarah Skog: Assessment of Diabetes Distress in a Patient Centered Primary Care Home

May 2020 Presentations: Capstone Project Presentations - Group One

Stuart Zeltzer: Improving Chronic Condition Coding and Documentation among Family Medicine Residents through a Web-based Interacting Learning Module
Ryan Manns: A Food Insecurity Project at the Benson School Based Health Center
Amanda Aninwene: Evaluation of Health Equity & Social Justice Book Club/Discussion Group in Family Medicine at OHSU
Mustafa Mahmood: Mental Health in Portland's Muslim Population

May 2020 Presentations: Capstone Project Presentations - Group Two

Jean Yau: Knowing & Growing: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Hearts, Healthy Lives
Melissa Logan: Predicting 30 Day Hospital Readmissions to the Family Medicine Inpatient Service
Cait Williamson: Postpartum Depression Screening at Gabriel Park: Practices and Barriers
Dominic Caruso: Planning School Health Services in the Scappoose School District: Performing a Community Needs Assessment
Maria Palazeti: Maintaining Values in Medicine
Brit Nilsen: Equity and Inclusion Curriculum in Family Medicine Residency
Kristen Otto: Family Medicine in Botswana: Adapting an International Rotation for OHSU FM Residents
Claire Montaigne: Patient Perspectives of Project Nurture - A Qualitative Analysis