Meet the Residents

Family Medicine class of 2022
Family Medicine's resident class of 2022

Joshua Cohen, M.D.

Josh was born and raised in Vermont's forests and ski slopes. After high school he decided to move to the only place colder than Vermont, Montreal, Quebec, where he studied Kinesiology at McGill University. Several major life events happened during those college years, one of which being the decision to pursue a career in medicine, and another was meeting the woman who would later become his wife!

Between university and medical school, Josh worked as a caregiver and educator for adults with physical disabilities. In this role, he developed skills in care giving, teaching, communication, and patience which would serve him well during medical school.

He went back home (literally to his childhood bedroom) to attend the University of Vermont for medical school. He enjoyed all of his clinical rotations but always knew that he was too interested in the big picture to do anything other than family medicine. His favorite part of medical school was working with interesting people from all walks of life, including patients, peers, and teachers.

He is looking forward to completing his training at OHSU, where there will be ample opportunity to develop skills in high quality, full spectrum family medicine. Although the latitude of Portland, Oregon (45.5o N) is actually closer to the north pole than that of Burlington, Vermont (44.5o N), Josh is glad that the climate is more temperate. He enjoys travelling and cooking with his wife, tennis, boxing, bike riding and drinking coffee all day!

Ben Colburn, M.D.

Ben was raised in southern Virginia and attended college in New England, but is now firmly anchored to the West Coast. He trained in medical anthropology and has worked to address domestic and global health inequities for the past decade. His mission as a doctor is to co-create healthier, happier communities that celebrate diversity as an asset. His mission when he's not a doctor is to spend as much time creating art and being in nature as humanly possible. 

As an undergraduate at Brown University, Ben worked on public health programs in Mali and Ecuador as well as the local Providence community. He also conducted original thesis research on health issues affecting gender non-conforming communities in New England that received national recognition. After graduating in 2010, he moved to San Francisco to figure his life out. He briefly joined a health policy think tank working to expand coverage under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), then spent most of the next three years researching sudden cardiac death at UCSF. Throughout this time, he volunteered with several local health services agencies, including: a hospice for patients with HIV/AIDS, a playroom for hospitalized children, a homeless outreach agency, and a public health clinic for sex workers. He also volunteered at a residential LGBTQ retreat center in upstate New York and coordinated a creative arts retreat for homeless LGBTQ youth.Ben attended medical school at UCSF and accidentally fell in love with family medicine's commitment to relationship building and community engagement. As a medical student, he studied medical Spanish in Guatemala and served on the board of directors for an LGBTQ retreat center in northern California. 

Ben also performed at multiple local storytelling events to humanize medicine and rally public support for healthcare activism. In his remaining spare time, he taught himself to paint and ran a small business painting commissioned acrylic pieces. 

Ben is thrilled to join the OHSU family as an ally to all of Portland's communities during this period of rapid change. He is excited to work with local leaders of all kinds to help keep Portland weird and above all, healthy.

Colleen Cooper, M.D.

Colleen is a Michigan native who is excited to be in the Pacific Northwest wonderland. After growing up in Troy, MI, she attended Michigan State University (Go Green!) where she studied human biology and music. As she worked diligently towards her ambition of going to medical school, playing the oboe through her music studies provided a welcome relief and exercise of the creative side of her brain.Inspired by a family physician mentor, she entered into medical school at Wayne State University with a career in primary care in mind. 

As a medical student in the heart of Detroit, she had the privilege of serving her community through many different channels. She spent time volunteering at free student-run clinics, leading lessons on health and science for inner city elementary students, and mentoring overweight children through a program to learn exercise, healthy eating, and emotional coping. Throughout medical school, she continued to play oboe within the Detroit Medical Orchestra, and as its student president, guided the group towards its mission of connecting music and healing.

What Colleen loves most about family medicine is the long-lasting relationship between the doctor and each of her patients. She enjoyed aspects of every clinical rotation in medical school, but could not find another field as fulfilling as family medicine, where she can address each aspect of her patients' illness and health. She is thrilled to join the OHSU family, having been drawn to the program for its exceptional four-year curriculum and depth of training, emphasis on underserved medicine, and extremely friendly and welcoming residents and faculty. 

Her areas of interest are women's health, pediatrics, and underserved population medicine. In her free time, Colleen enjoys running, playing oboe, doing yoga, drinking way too much coffee, and spending time with her husband. The two of them are looking forward to having a doggie addition to their family in the near future.

Di Deng, M.D., M.A.

Di was born and raised in Changsha, the provincial capital of Hunan province in southern China –a "small" city with 7 million people by China standard. When she began college at Clark University in Worcester Massachusetts, it was her first time travelling abroad: besides the expected culture shock, it took her the longest time to get used to having cold milk with cereal for breakfast rather than starting her day with a savory bowl of warm noodle soup.

During college, Di discovered her love for traveling (and sampling all the food that she could get her hands on) as she backpacked to Alaska for the glorious northern lights, immersed herself in the cultural heritages of Florence, and travelled to Siem Reap Cambodia for the sights of Angkor Wat, one of the world wonders. Combining her interest in science with a strong desire to help people from all different cultural background, Di found her true passion of life in medical service. As a member of Dartmouth's Rural Scholars Program, she went on service trips to Indian Reservations in Minnesota and learned about challenges with health care in rural NH/VT. After completing her family medicine clerkship in Valdez Alaska –a town of 4,000 people at the port of Prince William Sound –she was amazed at the care four family physicians could provide for the town from vaginal deliveries, C-sections, endoscopy or colonoscopy, to hospice care.

Di is thrilled to begin her training at OHSU family Medicine Residency Program as well as a journey to become a family physician with broad spectrum training that would allow her to practice wherever she lands and to provide care to whoever is in need.

Alexander Domingo, M.D.

Alex was born in Texas and grew up near St. Joseph, Missouri where he spent his childhood working on the family farm and exploring the countryside with his 3 siblings. His parents, a spiritual healer and an organic farmer inspired his passion for the care of people and the environment. He returned to Texas to attend the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied psychology and environmental science to prepare for a career bridging humanistic medicine and sustainability.

In line with this interest he volunteered with non profit organizations focused on sustainable development in Northern India and Ecuador, and with various local environmental groups. Global medical experiences in Latin America and the Philippines inspired a passion for disease prevention and reducing health disparities, leading him to pursue research in diabetes prevention on the Texas-Mexico border and leadership in a campus anti-tobacco campaign. During medical school at Yale he enjoyed opportunities to provide care for underprivileged patients as a leader in Yale’s student-run free clinic and through a family medicine rotation on the Chinle Navajo reservation. He focused his thesis on community-engaged research methods in diabetes prevention, and rekindled his passion for bridging medicine and sustainable development during a rotation with Health in Harmony/ASRI in Borneo. 

Alex felt that family medicine was the field most in-line with his mission to provide holistic medicine to people at all stages of life, and to provide care for underprivileged patients at home and abroad. He was drawn to OHSU by the amazing family medicine community and the strong, balanced training in inpatient and outpatient medicine, obstetrics, procedures, and academics that will prepare him to practice medicine wherever his journey takes him. In his free time, Alex enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife Sarah and pup Oliver. He also enjoys yoga (he is a registered instructor), meditation, cooking and playing ukulele.

Jenan Hilal, M.D.

Jenan was born and raised in a small town in Eastern Kentucky to a Lebanese father and a mom from Northern Indiana. Many of her world views were shaped by travel throughout the Middle East, Europe, and the US during her childhood. It also instilled a love of travel early in life. Despite this love of travel, she stayed close to home for college, attending the University of Kentucky. Here she studied biology and fell in love with community involvement when she began volunteering with local nonprofit organizations. She worked as a writing consultant at the university's writing center, which gave her the privilege to work with students who speak English as a second language and invaluable insight into the importance of communication.  Directly after college, Jenan continued her steady westward migration through Kentucky by starting medical school at the University of Louisville. During medical school, she became passionate about women's health after training and serving as a hospital advocate for a local rape crisis center.

Given her love of developing meaningful connections with people and community engagement, family medicine was a natural choice. In her biggest move westward yet, Jenan is ecstatic to be joining OHSU Family Medicine. She was drawn to their four year curriculum, which provides ample opportunity to explore her various interests, as well as the incredibly welcoming faculty and residents she encountered on her interview day. She and her partner, Kevin, are excited for their new adventure in the Pacific Northwest.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading as many science fiction & fantasy novels as possible, painting, trying new food, and spending time outdoors running, hiking, and biking.

Roheet Kakaday, M.D.

Raised in California, Dr. Roheet Kakaday has happily adopted Oregon as his new home. He grew up in a tight knit family and was raised on a strict diet of scholarship and sports. After attending the University of California, San Diego, where he majored in Bioengineering and minored in Political Science, he enrolled into OHSU School of Medicine, from which he graduated early in 2017.

Although a physician now, Roheet's path to medicine was long. During college, he began volunteering in a local hospital ICU every weekend and quickly discovered how interacting with, and helping, patients gave him a very strong sense of purpose and happiness. To test his mettle, he volunteered in a rural leprosy colony located in a terrorist-plagued region of rural India. After dodging malaria, monsoon rains, and man- eating tigers whilst treating some of the most vulnerable patients in India, he affirmed that becoming a doctor was his only path.

During medical school, Roheet's passions evolved to incorporate technology and patient- centered design in medical care. This passion led him to be selected by Stanford University School of Medicine as an advisor for their premiere medical technology conference, Medicine X, and his subsequent invitation to the White House to advise the President Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative. His passion for holistic forward-thinking care naturally brought family medicine to the forefront. Roheet aims to provide cutting edge, comprehensive, and compassionate care to patients of all ages, sexes, genders, and backgrounds.

In his free time, Roheet enjoys Portland's incredible food scene, spending time with his family and friends, playing sports, and often stares at pictures of shelter dogs in the hopes of one day adopting one. You can find him running out and about enjoying everything the northwest has to offer.

John Mitchell, M.D.

John was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. He moved to Portland with his wife, Roxanne, who is also a resident physician at OHSU. John went to college at the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!) and medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center where he also studied public health with an emphasis in health policy. John was attracted to Family Medicine based on his desire to provide care for a diverse community of all age groups and social backgrounds. 

John feels strongly that the role of a family doctor is to care for the whole patient by understanding and addressing all facets of life that contribute to a person's health. He hopes to incorporate both traditional and complementary forms of medicine into his practice as well as work to promote the health of the population through community involvment and cultural competency. Additionally, he believes that keeping people healthy is the best form of treatment and he values preventive medicine, wellness, nutrition and physical activity. 

John is thrilled to be at OHSU where he can pursue his interests in medicine and public health simultaneously. He is also excited to be living in Oregon where he can explore all the Northwest has to offer. He looks forward to expanding his list of hobbies which includes cooking (and eating), hiking, camping, snowboarding and pretty much anything that occurs outdoors.

Katie Putnam, M.D.

Katie grew up in Tacoma, Washington and is thrilled to continue her training in Oregon. After undergraduate training in biology and psychology, she moved to Washington, D.C. to serve as a research assistant in a rare genetic and metabolic disorders lab at the National Institutes of Health. She returned to the west coast to pursue medical school in a joint MD/MPH program at OHSU. 

During medical school, Katie traveled to Palau for both clinical and research work at the Ministry of Health, focusing on maternal and child health. She additionally volunteered at a safety-net clinic and women's clinic through the Southwest Community Health Center. These experiences inspired her to provide community and family-centric care while working to address population health needs through public health research. 

Katie is ecstatic to stay at OHSU for residency. She chose OHSU's family medicine program because of its strong clinical training, accomplished faculty, welcoming residency community, encouragement of innovation in their trainees, supportive and overall commitment to being a leader in health care reform. She looks forward to becoming a truly well-rounded family medicine physician with chops in the clinical, population health and advocacy realms.

Outside of the hospital, you can find exploring the outdoors, playing group sports with limited athletic talent, navigating Portland's food scene, cultivating her home garden, listening to podcasts, reading, traveling the globe, and spending time her husband and two poorly behaved cats.

Megan Quinlan, M.D.

Megan is a born and bred Michigander. Originally from Canton, Michigan, she has been lucky enough to call Ann Arbor home for the past 8 years while completing her undergraduate degree and medical school at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). Although she is a proud midwesterner, she decided it was time to explore another part of the country and is thrilled to be training in family medicine in beautiful Portland. 

After volunteering at the local VA and children's hospital during undergrad, Megan knew she wanted to be a doctor. She took a more circuitous path towards family medicine, originally entering medical school with aims of becoming an orthopedic surgeon after undergoing an ACL reconstruction. Throughout medical school she found herself drawn more and more towards the unique physician-patient relationships of primary care. After working in an adolescent clinic in an underserved area caring for the physical, mental and emotional needs of young pregnant women and their children, she knew family medicine was the field for her. OHSU is the ideal family medicine program for her, due to a clinic first curriculum, autonomy to develop her passions within family medicine during a fourth year, incredible faculty and residents, and of course the beautiful city of Portland.  

In her free time, Megan and her significant other, Jack, love to be active and outdoors. She loves to exercise, practice yoga and run. A self-proclaimed book worm, her ideal rainy Portland Sunday includes a new book and endless cups of coffee. She also enjoys travel, music and spending time with her family.

Daniel Slowey, M.D., J.D.

Dr. Slowey is delighted to have the the chance to train at both OHSU and Kaiser Permanente, and to serve the local community as a family medicine physician. He loves that the practice of family medicine allows him to develop long-term relationships with his patients, and is committed to listening, learning, and working to help them live the happiest, healthiest lives possible.

Dr. Slowey particularly enjoys hiking, biking, camping, and snowboarding, and feels very lucky to live in a place that's so beautiful and adventure-friendly. When he is stuck indoors, he enjoys reading (mostly fiction, although he's trying to branch out), and cooking interesting new meals (with a wide variation in success).

Nathan Andrews, M.D.

Nate was born and raised in Oregon, and had the privilege of growing up with a large tight-knit family. This instilled in him a strong sense of community, as well as a lifestyle centered around family. He believes the better he knows his patients, the more holistic the care he can provide. He strives to care for patients as a whole person and partner with them to build healthy and purposeful lives. Nate is also passionate about preventive medicine and aims to keep his patients doing what they enjoy and love most.

In medical school Nate consistently sought out rotations that provide opportunities to build longitudinal relationships with preceptors and patients. During his first year, he had a longitudinal preceptorship once per week with Dr. Scott Fields, an OHSU family physician. Additionally, through the Oregon Rural Scholars Program, he had the privilege to rotate for three months in the rural community of John Day, OR. Through these experiences he discovered he is motivated by the one-on-one conversations and opportunity to teach patients about their health. He found that family medicine not only offers this every clinic visit, but also the challenge and opportunity of talking to each patient in an individualized manner. He is passionate about community health and is looking forward to being molded into an impactful rural family physician.

Nate and his wife are high school sweethearts and are currently living in Portland. In their spare time they enjoy being outdoors, gardening, and trying new restaurants.

Annie Buckmaster, M.D.

Dr. Annie Buckmaster is originally from Rochester, NY but has lived in Portland since 2008. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2005 with a B.A. in history and environmental studies. After undergraduate, Annie returned to the east coast to work in local politics in her home state of New York and then moved to Montgomery, Alabama, where she served as an AmeriCorps VISTA in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. It was during her time in Alabama that she began to appreciate the relationship between structures and health. She completed her post-baccalaureate pre-medical studies at Bryn Mawr College but would take another few years until she applied to medical school. In that time, Annie moved to Oregon where she worked on voter registration and engagement in the 2008 election, joined a local choir, and served on

the board of directors for a local non-profit. After some extended international travel, Annie started working for the OHSU Foundation where she spent the next few years raising money for OHSU and Doernbecher Children's Hospital. She spent one year working at the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences while applying to medical school.

During her time in medical school at OHSU, Annie was very involved with the Family Medicine and Health Policy Interest Groups and was inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society. Annie welcomed her first child during her third year of medical school and took the better part of the following year to spend time with her at home before applying to residency in Family Medicine.

She feels both honored and privileged to be continuing her training in Portland at OHSU, which she chose for it's exceptional commitment to patient care across the spectrum that is family medicine: from teams that approach trans care and MAT with an equity lens to highly effective implementation of interdisciplinary teams in all areas of full spectrum care. In addition to the excellence in training, Annie was very committed to training in Oregon, a place she now calls home and plans to settle for a long time. She hopes to make a difference in the lives of her patients and in the broader community and state throughout her career as a family physician.

When Annie is not in clinic or the hospital, you will find her cycling, singing, or traveling, but most likely you will find her spending time with her daughter, Eleanor, and her husband, Jacob.

Nicole Cairns, M.D.

Nikki was born and raised in the snowy land of Minnesota. Originally from Rochester, Minnesota, she moved further north to call Minneapolis home for 8 years to complete her undergraduate and medical training at the University of Minnesota. She then made her way even further north to join you all here in beautiful Portland, Oregon.She spent her time in undergraduate studying Biochemistry and Mathematics, where she fell in love with the science and numbers of medicine. Through her time at the University of Minnesota Medical School she came to realize the scope of medicine could reach far beyond the four walls of clinics and hospitals, and she found joy in creating community partnerships to help her patients achieve health and wellness. Through these partnerships, she became passionate about health equity, medical education, LGBTQ health, addiction medicine, and women’s health. With these interests, Nikki found herself attracted to family medicine where she could provide full spectrum, holistic care while developing meaningful relationships with patients, their families, and her community. 

Nikki is thrilled to be joining OHSU Family Medicine. She is excited about the four year curriculum that will help her further explore her interests and make her a better advocate and physician for her patients. In her free time, Nikki enjoys spending time outdoors with her adorable dog Harley. She also enjoys cooking, baking, reading, and exploring the Portland foodie scene.

Elizabeth Corwin, M.D.

Elizabeth is a Pacific Northwest native, born and raised in the rainy city of Seattle. She left the west coast to attend Boston College, where she earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology. Upon graduation, Elizabeth moved to San Francisco to serve as an AmeriCorps member at Glide Health Services, a comprehensive community clinic dedicated to caring for underserved individuals. At Glide, Elizabeth served as a case manager and also was part of their harm-reduction team for which she worked with individuals with substance use disorders and provided education on opioid overdose prevention.

Elizabeth moved the following year to Ann Arbor to attend the University of Michigan Medical School where she further developed her passion for primary care and underserved medicine. She spent her time as a student coordinator for a free-clinic, in student organizations dedicated to health equity, and teaching middle school students the importance of nutrition, exercise, and healthy relationships. Elizabeth was drawn to Family Medicine due to the emphasis it places on caring for the whole person and providing patient and family-centered, holistic and preventative care, as well as the ability to care for patients across the lifespan. Elizabeth has many interests within family medicine, including preventative medicine and nutrition, women's reproductive health and obstetrics, pediatrics and adolescent medicine, mental health, addiction medicine, transgender care, and geriatrics.

Elizabeth is thrilled to be returning to the Pacific Northwest to join the OHSU Family Medicine Residency Program. She chose OHSU due its innovative and comprehensive four-year curriculum that gives residents an excellent foundation in full-spectrum family medicine in diverse clinical settings, while also developing research, clinical, and advocacy skills.

Outside of work, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her fiancé, her beloved cat, Harry, family and friends. She loves any activity that involves being in nature, including hiking, biking, running, skiing and gardening, even in the rain! 

Ishak Elkhal, M.D.

Dr. Ishak Elkhal is an Oregon-native; born and raised in Gresham, he attended Centennial High School where he would meet the woman who would later become his wife. He then attended college at Portland State University. Captivated by the magic of Science, he pursued degrees in both Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and spent several years dedicated to working on research in Prebiotic Chemistry. Though lab work was interesting, he discovered his love of patient care.In the pursuit of his medical degree, Dr. Elkhal (and his wife) attended OHSU's medical school. While studying to become a physician, he grew increasingly interested in the growing body of research surrounding the social determinants of health; Ishak helped start research surrounding Oregon's first Medical-Legal partnership in an attempt to better understand how legal issues may predispose patients to worse health outcomes. Immersed in his research and passion for OHSU's drive towards excellent patient care, Dr. Elkhal decided to continue his training here in hopes he can one day contribute to the health of all Oregonians.While not in the hospital or clinic, Dr. Elkhal and his wife (an OHSU pediatrician) spend their time hiking and playing board games. He also enjoys playing video games and experimenting with 3D printing.

Justin Lee, M.D.

Justin was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. After growing up in the natural splendor and rainy embrace of the Pacific Northwest (in a time when there were far fewer coffee shops and breweries), he went to Davidson College in North Carolina, lived abroad in both Spain and Tanzania, and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Religion. Upon graduation, he found his way to Washington D.C. where he worked for a year in health policy. Finding that work inadequately invigorating on its own, Justin followed in his mother's footsteps and joined the U.S. Peace Corps and moved to a small village in northern Peru, where he lived for two years working as a community health educator.

Seeing the incredible beauty of a close-knit and interdependent group of people alongside a deeply troubled infrastructure and public health system (and eating many many bananas), he recognized the importance of context, environment, and the powerful role that a physician can play within a community. He was then thrilled to have the opportunity to return to Oregon for medical school at OHSU, where he grew his passion and commitment to better understanding and working to improve the broad social, political, and structural issues that impact health, along with deepening his curiosity about people and what makes them tick. Justin was drawn to family medicine because it's a specialty that allows him to care for the comprehensive needs of a diverse and full spectrum of people, and moreover because it's a specialty that equally values the profound stories of the individual in conjunction with the big picture systems and forces that shape health and society. 

Justin's hope is to be a physician leader and advocate for his patients and community, and in particular for the disadvantaged and discriminated against. He is excited to be joining the OHSU Family Medicine Residency because of it's innovation in broad spectrum training, incredible diversity of sites and opportunities, flexibility to tailor learning to fit the expanding needs of physician-leaders, and the chance to learn and work alongside some of the brightest, most passionate, and kindest people he's ever met. 

In his free time, Justin likes to be outside with his rambunctious and ridiculously adorable dog Wally, explore coffee shops and restaurants around Portland, travel to new places, cook food, read fiction, and spend time with family and friends. He is optimistic (perhaps naively so) that in reality his free time, interests, and self beyond medicine are not reducible to a single sentence.

Laurence Moore, M.D., M.P.H.

Dr. Moore was born and raised in London, coming to the West coast for college at Stanford University where he majored in Psychology and Economics. He studied how we respond in ways both rational and irrational to problems and incentives. During college, he also became involved in mental health and was trained in crisis counseling for fellow students. After working in Silicon Valley, he pursued a Master's in Public Health at UC Berkeley where he saw how systems of economic, racial and historical injustice, cognitive biases and profit-maximizing corporations could hold people back from living their full potential in good health.

Moving with his partner to Portland, he worked as an Emergency Technician at OHSU's Emergency Department where he cared for many patients who lacked access to primary care. Seeking a specialty in which he could form strong and trusting relationships with his patients, he matched into Family Medicine. His interests in mental health and public health persist, and he looks forward to including both in his future practice.In addition, Laurence looks forward to creating a welcoming environment for a diverse array of patients. He has professional interests in behavioral health and mental health, addiction care, maternal care, affirming care for Transgender-identified patients, and welcoming care for those across the LGBT+ spectrum.

In his spare time, Dr. Moore enjoys exploring Oregon with his partner and his Shar Pei, Libby, sampling Portland's food scene, running and hiking. He loves travel and learning new languages.

Melinda Ruberg, M.D.

Melinda grew up in a small town in Kentucky surrounded by her giant family. Being encompassed with relatives who were willing to lend a helping hand at any time created a deep appreciation of community in her life. This continued during her undergraduate studies at Ohio University. Situated in the heart of Appalachia, she would spend all four years volunteering at Good Works, a community of hope and inclusion that provided the only homeless shelter in the surrounding eight counties. Tasked with visiting elderly homebound, she experienced an up-close view of what it was like to live off of disability checks, food stamps and the good will of others. This experience left Melinda with a mission to improve the quality of life for these individuals. She would decide to do this through medicine after working in a public hospital in Costa Rica, where she was deeply inspired by physicians working for free in a bankrupt medical system and directly improving life for countless individuals. 

Melinda returned to her beloved home state (much to the happiness of her mother) to attend the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Her most meaningful experiences ironically happened outside of the hospital and clinic walls, whether it was teaching low income families how to cook inexpensive, healthy meals while fighting for food justice, working alongside pregnant women struggling with addiction, or teaching mindfulness to kindergarten through fifth grade students at a local public school. Her research in utilizing exercise as a treatment for depression had solidified that these preventative efforts made a difference in health outcomes, but she was not seeing them utilized enough in the clinical setting. This encouraged Melinda to enter the world of politics. She was nominated as the Kentucky Medical Association and American Medical Association representative for her medical school class, and went on to serve as a member on the KMA Board of Trustees, seeing firsthand the collective effort of physicians coming together to make sustainable changes for their patients. 

With her cornucopia of interests and cheerful demeanor, OHSU was the perfect fit for Melinda. She is thrilled to be working alongside some of the happiest, most dedicated and intelligent individuals who are just as ecstatic about preventative medicine and political advocacy as she is. She is looking forward to working together as a community to find the solutions to healthcare' s most pressing problems. 

Arisa Takeuchi, M.D.

Arisa was born and raised in Japan, but spent seven years in Singapore during her childhood. It was through the volunteer work during these years that shaped her decision to become a doctor. She returned to Japan at 15 years old, and completed six years of medical school at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan. She finished internship at USNH (United States Naval Hospital) in Okinawa, and Internal Medicine Residency Program at Japan Association for Development of Community Medicine (JADECOM) in Tokyo, before coming to OHSU as part of the residency program. 

At USNH Okinawa, Arisa was able to expand her insight into American medical practice. During this period, she was inspired by the warm personal relationships American family physicans developed with their patients, which were established on the foundation of a longituidinal approach. This positive firsthand experience working in an American-style hospital eventually lead her to pursue a training in the US.

At JADECOM, she dealt with acute medical problems in the hospital setting as well as end-of-life care and chronic disease treatment for patients of various ages, backgrounds, and medical conditions. She has always found joy in treating a diverse population, and began to think of expanding her medical knowledge, and further developing her patient care skills and pursuing a specialty that would enable her to treat a broad range of processes and patient populations. She figured family medicine offered the perfect opportunity to work with patients on deeper level. She has a special interest in geriatrics medicine, palliative care, and preventive medicine. In her personal time, Arisa enjoys running, playing the flute and watching movies. She is excited to explore the city of Portland in the next four years!

Patty Tran, D.O.

Patty was born and raised in a Chinese family in Vietnam before moving to Boise, Idaho when she was in high school. She completed her undergraduate study at Washington State University, majoring in Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Genetics. After graduation, Patty spent a year working as a certified nursing assistant, a teaching assistant for several classes, and continued her research project in DNA repair mechanisms. She also went on a medical mission trip to Vietnam providing medical care to patients in the most remote and impoverished areas. 

Patty’s interest in medicine began early in her childhood, after she grew up witnessing many family friends suffer severe consequences from their unmanaged illness due to financial disadvantages. After experiencing personal challenges that most new immigrants face in accessing health care, Patty wants to pursue a career in family medicine and become a healthcare advocate for this population group. Patty attended medical school at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences.Patty is very excited to spend the next four years at OHSU. She shares the program’s commitment in serving its culturally and financially diverse community. In addition, she appreciates the opportunity to work with very supportive and innovative groups of faculty and colleagues. 

In her spare time, Patty enjoys cooking, hiking, hanging out with friends, and practicing Chinese calligraphy. She loves traveling around the world and exploring different cuisine and cultures.

Robin Vest, M.D.

Dr. Robin Vest was born and raised in the lone star state of Texas, where she stayed for college at Rice University and then medical school at The University of Texas Southwestern. While in college, she first discovered her love for Family Medicine while pursuing a minor in the unique area of Poverty, Justice and Human Capabilities. Through this field of study Robin learned about disparities in healthcare and the importance of understanding patient's lives and their communities holistically to truly effect health improvements. She further explored these ideas while interning at a non-profit for preventing childhood obesity, where she fostered a life-long love of nutrition, exercise, community gardening, and policy advocacy all to help patients lead healthier lives. In an effort to understand differences and inequalities in health on a global scale, Robin went on several global health trips throughout college and medical school, including leading medical students on a trip to a rural clinic in Guatemala, as well as spending a summer working at a group home for patients living with HIV in Costa Rica. These trips exemplified the concept of healthcare as a human right to Robin, and furthered her passion for learning about different cultures and how to be the most effective and compassionate healer for every patient no matter where they come from.

Robin is ecstatic to continue her career learning and working in Family Medicine at OHSU. She is interested in broad spectrum care that is focused on the patient as a whole. In her spare time, Robin loves to hike, cook, play volleyball, travel and brew her own kombucha.

Brooke Bachelor, D.O., R.N.

While Brooke will always carry her Chicagoland roots with her, she truly feels at home in Portland in a way she has not felt anywhere else. Before pursuing medicine, she worked in Chicago as a bedside nurse in general and cardiac intensive care, in rural Peruvian mountain communities for a year as a community health nurse educator through a Princeton in Latin America fellowship, and finally in urban Uganda for a year as a quality improvement nurse through a Global Health Corps fellowship. Through her exposure to a wide variety of health beliefs and approaches to healing during these experiences, she uncovered her passions for preventive and end-of-life care, integrative medicine, reproductive health advocacy, and systemic workflow improvement. She could not resist joining forces with family physicians after she saw how their work on the front lines of our health care system uniquely equips them to understand the system’s dynamic needs and puts them in a perfect position to advocate for specific changes to improve health outcomes locally and beyond. As an osteopathic physician, Brooke strives to address the intersection between the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of her patients in her work, and has received additional training in osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT), a hands-on technique that supports the body’s innate tendency to heal. She feels especially energized when working with Spanish-speaking and pregnant patients, patients who are motivated to use lifestyle change to improve their health, patients who have difficulty accessing care, and when she can use unbiased counseling and offer comprehensive reproductive health services to empower patients to make the best choices for their own reproductive health. In her free time, you can find Brooke hiking, running, foraging, paying a visit to local farmers’ markets and coffee shops, writing poems, meditating, playing banjo (or at least starting to), searching for the best travel deals, and preparing plant-based meals and sourdough pancakes from scratch. She is particularly grateful for and humbled by her brilliant and compassionate co-residents, faculty, and mentors as well as her parents, Carol and Phil, who continue to offer their unwavering support.

Emily Dollar, M.D.

Dr. Emily Dollar is a family medicine resident at the Kaiser Permanente Beaverton Family Medicine Clinic. She chose primary care because she loves developing longitudinal relationships with patients and empowering people to meet their health goals and stay well. She is passionate about creating a healthcare system that is accessible and affordable to all people. Dr. Dollar's interests include trauma-informed care and the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and health, women's reproductive health, obesity and nutrition. She is also passionate about providing care to Spanish speaking members of the community as well as immigrants and refugees. Outside of work, Dr. Dollar loves trail running, hiking, cooking and eating good food. She also loves to garden, knit, and read. She loves to travel and has been fortunate enough to collaborate on public health programs in Ethiopia, Haiti, and Guatemala.

Omar Fares, M.D.

Omar was born and raised, the youngest of four brothers, in metro-Detroit, Michigan. His daughterless mother and proud father emigrated there from the Middle East to establish a stable living. His family collectively raised him on the pillars of respect, inclusivity, and hard work. Omar attended the University of Michigan where he graduated with a Neuroscience major. His studies continued as he relocated to Portland to attend OHSU for medical school near his eldest brother and daughterless mother. During medical school, Omar enjoyed mentoring immigrant and refugee high school students, facilitating courses on structural health care disparities, and providing free health care to underserved patients. Omar’s medical school extracurricular activites translated to his clinical interests of pediatric/adolescent medicine, global health, and immigrant and refugee care. Dr. Fares loves the variety that family medicine offers, ultimately pursuing family medicine to care for entire family units including children, adults, and pregnant women. Omar draws deep satisfaction from building long-term relationships with his patients. Outside of the workplace, Omar enjoys singing and dancing with his nieces and nephews, traveling, and exploring the outdoors by foot, bike, snowshoes, and skis. On more restful days, you can find him listening to Motown and rooting for Detroit and University of Michigan sports teams.

Brittany McAdams, M.D., M.P.H.

Brittany was born and raised in northeast Portland, Oregon, within a large family that has called Portland home for over 100 years. As a family doctor she loves working with patients on aspects of their health that are most important to them. Brittany decided to become a family medicine physician after hearing so many patients’ stories about how difficult it can be to access and navigate our complex, imperfect healthcare system. She is committed to taking care of patients from all walks of life, providing a welcoming space in our clinic, and working together to treat and prevent illness. She practices full-spectrum family medicine with particular interest in maternity care, preventative care, end-of-life care, and chronic disease management. During medical school she also received extra training in public health in the hopes of making the system work better for more people. Outside of medicine, you can find her hiking in the Gorge, joining a neighborhood walking tour, and spending time with her husband, Max, who is an Internal Medicine resident at OHSU. In their free time they are slowly working towards their goal of visiting all 58 national parks.

Sienna Nelson, M.D.

Dr. Sienna Nelson loves family medicine because of its emphasis on addressing people's social context as it relates to their physical health. Raised by a family medicine doctor and a biochemist in Memphis, Tennessee, Dr. Nelson grew up loving the performing arts and spent time in ballet, choirs, orchestras, and theater productions. Beginning in high school, she accompanied her mother on many medical service trips to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, which put her on the path to medicine.

Ryan Nesbit, M.D.

I grew up in West Linn, Oregon and use he/him pronouns. I have always been a Pacific Northwesterner at heart: a lover of the rain and resulting greenery, an avid outdoor adventurer, a vocal supporter of the Thorns, Timbers, and Blazers, and a curiosity in the many stories of the places in and people of Oregon and Washington. I stayed near for undergraduate studies, attending Whitman College and living in Walla Walla for two years afterwards working at a free medical clinic with AmeriCorps, before returning home to continue my medical education at OHSU. I am a family medicine physician because I am passionate about caring for all. I am particularly interested in transgender care, child and maternity health, rural health, addiction therapy, behavioral and mental health, and working to create better health access.

Katelyn Pavlat, M.D.

Dr. Pavlat specializes in primary care for children and adults. Dr. Pavlat chose family medicine because she values building long-term relationships with patients and their families. She believes in working closely with patients to meet their desired healthcare goals, and supporting them in all facets of their life. In her time away from work, Dr. Pavlat enjoys spending time outside backpacking, paddle boarding, and roaming farmers markets. She grew up playing basketball and lacrosse, and currently fulfills her competitive spirit by attending a variety of sporting events in the Portland area.

Michelle Scheurich, M.D.

For many years before medical school Dr. Scheurich was an emergency room social worker; she loved the opportunity to support patients on what often felt like the worst day of their life. She saw then how sacred the physician-patient relationship was. This, along with a strong desire to understand the "whole person", both biological and psychological, is what drew her to her new career. In medical school she had opportunities to care for people in resource limited settings in Central America and Asia. This helped to underscore for her how health care, like education, can be a great equalizer, and that it is a fundamental human right. Dr. Scheurich chose Family Medicine because she wants the skills to care for anyone in her community that needs help. She is honored to continue her training at OHSU. Outside of work, Dr. Scheurich and her partner like to go hiking with their two Golden Retrievers and watch movies. Dr. Scheurich loves cooking, and dreaming up new recipes based on the contents of the fridge is her favorite procrastination tool. She also likes to run (very slowly) and lift weights and when she's not exercising or eating she is probably reading a book.

Sara Shimanek, M.D.

Dr. Sara Shimanek chose the path of medicine after watching her mother provide exceptional care as a nurse in their community hospital in rural Oklahoma. Dr. Shimanek's goal as a resident physician is to listen well and provide evidence-based, equitable care to all of her patients. She was uniquely suited to Family Medicine and appreciates the variety, as well as the familiarity, that comes with caring for people throughout the span of their lives. Dr. Shimanek relocated to Portland with her partner, William, who is also a resident physician at OHSU in the Department of Neurology. Together, they spend their free time partaking of Portland's array of amazing food, riding bicycles, and going birdwatching at the many nearby state parks.

Eliza Slater, M.D.

Dr. Eliza Slater was born into a circus community in San Francisco to a juggler-clown-educator-activist mother and a live-off-the-land carpenter father. When she was two years old, her family moved to Northeast Portland, where she spent her childhood philosophizing about morality and justice, and engaging in pre-professional dance training. After studying Mandarin in college, she spent time on the Tibetan Plateau, partnering with community members to explore what health care has historically and could potentially look like within a nomadic society. Her decision to enter the medical field in general, and family medicine in particular, was driven by a desire to engage in justice-oriented work that is deeply relational, embedded in community, and that places individual stories, health and disease within the context of social pathology and systemic oppression.

Dr. Slater attended the University of Washington School of Medicine, where she engaged in a longitudinal rural training track within the Alaska Native clinic in Juneau, AK, and was involved in anti-racism and intersectional anti-oppression work. She aims to dive deeper into these collaborative spaces and continue this work through residency and in her future practice.

Within family medicine, Dr. Slater is interested in rural medicine, gender care, maternal and child health, reproductive justice, community-based medicine, trauma-informed care, and social determinants of health.

Dr. Slater is honored to be joining the OHSU Family Medicine family and is inspired by the potential (and need) for the integration of activism and social justice that family medicine holds

Hilary Titus, M.D.

As a family physician, Dr. Hilary Titus is thrilled to be able to care for individuals and families throughout each stage of life. She has special interests in child and maternal health, reproductive care, gender care, and community healthShe values building lifelong relationships and the opportunity to empower people in meeting their health goals.

Dr. Titus grew up in the Portland Metro Area and is grateful to be able to provide care to her community here.

Outside of work, Dr. Titus and her partner enjoy hiking all over the beautiful Pacific Northwest, taking mini road trips, and roasting sheet pan dinners. She also enjoys a cup of coffee, the crossword, and a neighborhood walk.

Alexa Tyler, D.O.

My father is a family physician and that is where my initial interest came from. Over time I came to realize I had a passion for people as dynamic beings with intrinsic worth and value. The opportunity to practice family medicine gives me the ability to affirm value in my patients throughout their lifetime and I consider that to be a true joy and privilege. In my free time I enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction, singing, and trying my very best to learn to play the piano!

Andrew Wang, M.D.

Dr. Wang was born in New England, spending most of his childhood in the small town of Millbury, Massachusetts. He later moved to the Portland area during his teenage years, where he graduated from Westview High School and earned his Bachelors in biology from University of Portland. Dr. Wang's path towards medicine started with volunteering for a free clinic in the Portland area. Being exposed to a population of people who had limited access to healthcare fueled Dr. Wang's desire to enter medical school. His time spent as an emergency department medical scribe at Adventist Medical Center also gave him exposure to an ever-growing need for primary care. Being able to influence the health of a community became a passion and lead to his decision to become a Family Medicine physician. He enjoys being able to establish long-term relationships with his patients that will last generations and working together with his patients towards management of health. Outside of working, Dr. Wang spends his free time with his wife, a registered nurse, and his two young children. Dr. Wang is a diehard fan of the Portland Trailblazers and Seattle Seahawks. He enjoys running and has finished the Portland Marathon twice. He also enjoys trips to the Oregon Coast, you will often find him searching for glass floats in Lincoln City.

Eric Ardman, M.D.

Dr. Eric's pronouns are he/his/him. His Vietnamese name is "Binh An" which means 'peaceful.' He grew up outside of Philadelphia (so he loves big soft pretzels and Wawa) but spent his formative years in Miami, Florida (so he loves to dance Salsa and relax on a beach). In Miami, Eric developed a passion for caring for those on the margins of society and learning about his community so that he may effectively advocate for the necessary change to improve said community. Dr. Eric only speaks when he has something to say; he prefers to listen to others and hear about their lives. He wants to know about his patients' values and family in addition to their chronic ailments and medical problems. He wants to be a helpful, honest guide and supportive presence in the lives of his patients.

His interests in patients as people are reflected in his professional interests: narrative medicine, patient/community advocacy, medical education, addiction medicine, family planning, LGBT health, palliative care, primary care in Vietnam.

Julia Finch, M.D.

Dr. Julia Finch chose a career in Family Medicine because it allows her to care for patients of all ages through all stages of life. After earning an undergraduate degree in Women's Studies, she was originally drawn to medicine as a way to advocate for equity, justice, and respect for all people. Dr. Finch is driven by a desire to get to know her patients' families, support systems, and what enables them to live their best lives. With a passion for preventative medicine and integrative health, she derives great satisfaction from partnering with her patients to achieve their goals. 

When she's not working, Dr. Finch loves to travel, read, do crossword puzzles, brew beer, and spend quality time with her husband, Shashin, and their Mini Bernedoodle, Denali. As a new resident of Oregon, she appreciates any recommendations for local food, dog-friendly hikes, weekend getaways, and pacific northwest plants that will be hard to kill as she learns how to garden.

Leah Haykin, M.D.

Leah Haykin grew up in northeast Portland, and after a brief hiatus, is thrilled to return to Oregon to continue her training. She was raised to have a deep appreciation of and passion for social justice, the environment, and education. As an undergraduate at Brown University, she studied Health and Human Biology with a focus in environmental health. During this time, she volunteered at a free clinic for primarily houseless patients, and conducted research projecting the geographic distribution of climate change health impacts. Through these experiences, she became aware of how our environment – in terms of both physical spaces and social structures – impacts our health and leads to health inequities.

Leah was drawn to Family Medicine during her time at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, where she helped run a free clinic for undocumented patients, led Medical Students for Choice and Family Medicine Interest Group chapters, and performed research on improving primary care delivery among houseless populations in Seattle and rural populations in Ghana.
Within Family Medicine, Leah is interested in comprehensive reproductive health, obstetrics, gender reaffirming care, behavioral health, and addiction medicine. She is excited to serve, advocate for, and learn from patients of all incomes and cultural backgrounds. She feels lucky to have the privilege of working with the OHSU Department of Family Medicine’s phenomenal team of compassionate faculty and resident providers. 

Outside of the hospital, Leah enjoys being outdoors cycling, hiking, and running, finding new recipes to cook, going to concerts, playing guitar, volunteering with local social justice organizations, learning Spanish, doing yoga, and spending time with friends, family, her partner, and Luna, her grumpy cat.

Kathryn Holt, M.D.

Dr. Kathryn Holt grew up in a small town in the foothills of Colorado, where she attended the University of Colorado and double-majored in Molecular Biology and Neuroscience. She moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan for medical school where she fell in love with family medicine and its longitudinal patient-physician relationships. Kathryn enjoys seeing patients of all ages and life circumstances, but is especially passionate about adolescent health, LGBTQ care, and reproductive health. When outside of the hospital or clinic, Kathryn can be found exploring the beautiful outdoor activities that Oregon has to offer with her partner, trying new restaurants, or curling up with a good book.

Sydney Landreth, M.D.

Dr. Sydney Landreth is a family physician. She sees patients of all ages for preventive care visits as well as for the treatment of a wide variety of acute and chronic illnesses. She chose family medicine because she enjoys getting to know her patients and what is important to them over the course of their lives. This helps her to provide care that addresses her patients' health -- physical, emotional, and social -- in the context of their unique lived experiences, goals, and values.

Outside of work, Dr. Landreth enjoys spending time with her husband and loved ones, hiking, practicing yoga, reading, and gardening.

Aldo Martinez, M.D.

Bio coming soon.

Chase Mussard, M.D.

Dr. Mussard comes to the PNW from the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee. He specializes in the field of family medicine, caring for patients of every age, gender, and walk of life. He absolutely loves family medicine because it allows him to be the best physician he can be to his community, fitting the needs specific to his patients, no matter what they may be. Growing up seeing only a family doc, he was impacted with the value of family medicine from an early age. He enjoys getting to do life with patients and their families helping them achieve their goals. He is also super passionate about advancing primary care to be the backbone and leaders of our ever evolving health care system, advocating for our patients each and every day. 

Integrated with his passions for family medicine, Dr. Mussard also enjoys time with his wife, Madison, and daughter, Lily. He was raised in the small "micropolitan" (yeah, you read that right ha) of Cookeville, TN, famous for being the unofficial Crossfit ground zero, numerous waterfalls, and most of all - Ralph's Donuts. He migrated back east to the mountains of his birthplace to run for the NCAA Division 1 ETSU Bucs, where he met Madison, and then stayed for medical school in Johnson City (birthplace of Mountain Dew and Al Capone's moonshine smuggling ring). 

They enjoy traveling and all things outdoors. On any evening or weekend you may run into them out running in SE Portland, exploring all the amazing breweries and cuisine scenes of PDX, hiking/kayaking around Mt. Hood or the Columbia River Gorge, strolling through the neighborhood with a cup of coffee, or any other amazing adventure that our region provides! He and his family are eager and excited to make Portland and the Pacific Northwest their new home!

Jacqueline Parilla, M.D.

Bio coming soon.

Monica Picard, M.D.

Dr. Picard believes that health care is a human right and that all people deserve high quality medical care.  She loves getting to know her patients, and is living proof that doctors are not scary.  Her interests include disability rights, sexual health, mental health, and preventive medicine.  Her academic interests include anti-racist medical curricula and disability medicine.  

To all of her patients, past, present, and future, she says, "Thank you for being you!"

Soniya Pimparkar, D.O.

Soniya Pimparkar was born in Sydney, Australia, but spent the majority of her childhood in London, England. She grew up learning how to speak two Indian languages (Hindi and Marathi) and quickly fell in love with learning more languages and understanding other cultures. As a college student, she worked as a medical interpreter/translator for Spanish speaking patients to develop fluency in Spanish. In her medical practice, she is interested in exploring how diverse upbringings and backgrounds contribute to a person’s perception of their own health and can change their approach to medicine and wellbeing.

Soniya believes that medicine should be easily understood and accessible to everyone, and as a physician, she hopes to make all of her patients feel comfortable navigating through medical decisions and seeks to help others understand how their health and lifestyles are interrelated. She enjoys teaching and believes that it is the role of a physician to empower patients by providing information and answering questions with patience and compassion. She chose family medicine because she enjoys caring for and creating lasting relationships with patients in every stage of life. She is excited to begin her medical practice at the Kaiser Permanente Beaverton Family Medicine Clinic.

Outside of medicine, she enjoys long bike rides whilst listening to the latest audiobook, playing piano/guitar, and singing. She is excited to settle down with her fiancé and make Portland their new home!

Lindsay Thimmig, M.D.

Dr. Lindsay Thimmig [pronounced "tim-ig"] is a family physician, meaning she cares for people of all ages from newborns to the elderly. Dr. Thimmig chose family medicine because she believes that prevention is the best medicine and because she likes being able to care for patients no matter what health problem or concern they might have. She works with patients to make lifestyle changes to improve their health, and prefers to start with these changes before prescribing medications or recommending surgeries. 

She has trained under some of the leading experts in plant-based nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine, including Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Neal Barnard, and Dr. James Loomis.

Outside of work, Dr. Thimmig aims to spend as much time outdoors as possible. She also enjoys relaxing at home with her orange cat and going on adventures around Oregon with friends and family. She also loves cooking up plant-based recipes in her spare time.

Sophia White, M.D.

Dr. White is a family physician. She chose family medicine because she wants to care for individuals and families through all stages of their lives. She is especially interested in preventive medicine, women's health, nutrition, and chronic disease management. 

Dr. White grew up in Portland, but spent time in Minnesota, California, Spain, and New York after high school. Prior to attending medical school, she taught middle school and high school science. She is excited to be back in Oregon. Outside of work, Dr. White enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, running, and reading.