Program Organization

Program Organization

Program Director

Kelly Monk

Executive Committee

Marc Freeman

Richard Goodman

Peter Barr-Gillespie

Teresa Nicolson

Mary Logan

Maria Purice (student representative)

The executive committee is responsible for the overall management of the program including annual review of student performance, curriculum and admissions.

Curriculum Committee

Teresa Nicolson, chair

John Williams, Philip Stork, Philip Copenhaver, Henrique vonGersdorff, Stephen David, Kevin Wright and Antoinette Foster (student representative)

The curriculum committee is made up of the core curriculum course directors and one student representative who review all of the courses annually, assemble the annual written qualifying exam and plan the annual incoming student's "Bootcamp."

Admissions Committee

Mary Logan & Larry Trussell, co-chairs

The admissions committee coordinates the annual recruitment effort, application review and the recruitment event.