Urogynecology Research and Training

Our team is actively researching new ways to prevent and treat pelvic floor disorders. Current areas of research include minimally invasive surgical procedures, neuromuscular affects of pregnancy and childbirth and clinical trials of new treatment methods.

Current clinical trials in urogynecology

Our doctors are currently actively researching new treatments in urogynecology.

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Urogynecology training programs

Fellowship in Urogynecology

As the only pelvic floor fellowship program in the Pacific Northwest, we are committed to ensuring that the health professionals of tomorrow will be skilled and able to provide the best possible pelvic floor care for women.

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Training tomorrow's doctors

Our program is also actively involved in teaching residents and medical students to care for pelvic floor disorders. Our patients may meet residents in obstetrics and gynecology or urology while receiving care in our office. Medical students from OHSU and from around the country spend time with our Urogynecology team as part of an advanced pelvic floor curriculum. All of these health care professionals are considered an integral part of the care that we provide our patients.  

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