Urogynecology Evaluation

Ultrasound technician does an evaluation ultrasound on a woman in blue clothes.

Diagnosing your condition

We provide a complete evaluation of female pelvic floor disorders in a setting that is private and comfortable. Our specially equipped lab can help diagnose your problem quickly and without pain.

To learn more about what might be contributing to your pelvic disorder, we may use one or more of these tests. Your tests are done under the care of our nurse and one of the doctors from our group. We will explain each test that we recommend in more detail at your visit.

We specialize in performing the following tests and procedures


This series of tests measures pressures in your bladder and urethra and helps determine how well your bladder holds and empties urine. These tests can help evaluate whether you need surgery to treat or prevent urinary leakage.


Cystoscopy uses a lighted flexible telescope to look at the inside of your bladder. With cystoscopy, we can see if your bladder is inflamed or has other abnormalities that may be causing problems.


To create an image of your pelvic organs, or the muscles of your pelvic floor, ultrasound uses a transducer probe, an instrument that sends and receives painless sound waves. This probe might be placed on your abdomen or in or near your vagina and/or rectum to capture images.


For patients with bowel leakage, it may be important to determine the resting and “squeeze” pressure in your rectum and anal canal. A very small flexible tube is used in your rectum to “map” the pressure zones.

Nerve studies

If we are concerned that the nerves (including the pudendal nerve) to your pelvic muscles are not working well, specialized nerve studies may be done. We are one of very few places in the United States that does these tests.