Male Infertility

Jason Hedges headshot for male infertility page

While infertility is often considered to be woman’s problem, this is often not the case; a 2002 National Survey of Family Growth found that 7.5% of sexually active young adult men had seen a fertility doctor at some point, and 18% of these men were subsequently diagnosed with an infertility disorder. Male infertility can be caused by many different factors involving the sperm or semen, including varicoceles, medical conditions like diabetes, trauma, or exposure to radiation or chemotherapy.                          

OHSU’s Department of Urology is the only health center in the state of Oregon to offer advanced male factor fertility diagnosis and treatment. We serve as the primary referral and high volume center for complex male infertility cases in the Pacific Northwest.  Coupled with our services in advanced fertility testing, our providers are uniquely experienced in procedural treatments for male infertility, including microsurgical varicocele ligations, standard testicular sperm extraction (TESE), and micro-TESE.