Heard Lab

Malcolm Heard PhD

Malcolm Heard, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Radiation Physics.  He received his doctorate and master’s degrees from the University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Science, and bachelor’s from Southern University and A&M College. His graduate research and training were conducted at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Dr. Heard’s interest include three-dimensional dosimetry, stereotactic radiosurgery, radiation detector characterization, and linear acceleration quality assurance. He is involved in several clinical projects including treatment planning system commissioning and radiation oncology whiteboard implementation. He is also actively involved in physics and physician resident education.

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Heard M, Ibbott G, Followill D, White RA, Jackson E, Salehpour S. Characterization of a normoxic polyacrylamide gel using MRI and optical CT. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 164:012005, 2009.

Gifford K, Horton, J, Jackson, E, Steger, T, Heard, M, Mourtada, F., Lawyer, A, and Ibbott, G, Comparison of Monte Carlo calculations around a Fletcher Suit Delclos ovoid with radiochromic film and normoxic polymer gel dosimetry, Medical Physics 32, 2288-2294, 2005.

Malcolm Heard, Ph.D., assistant professor and medical physicist, has been selected to serve as an Oral Examiner for the Therapeutic Medical Physics portion of the  American Board of Radiology certifying examination.  

Raghavendiran Boopathy, Ph.D., Malcolm Heard, Ph.D. and James Tanyi, Ph.D. published Ten Things Young Medical Physicists Should Do to Kick-Start Their Careers for the American Board of Radiology blog. The article provides ten career insights for future medical physicists.