OB/GYN Education Leadership

OBGYN Leadership 2020
Left to right: Meg O'Reilly, Ian Fields, Amy Stenson, Kathy Jorda

Program Director

A photo of Dr. Amy Stenson sitting on a bench outside.

Amy Stenson, M.D.

Dr. Stenson grew up in northern Minnesota and has a deep love for the natural beauty of Oregon. She completed her medical training at UCLA and has lived or worked in many settings, most notably in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Beijing, China, Mbarare Uganda and London, UK, where she completed her masters degree in public health. She is married to Shaun, an engineer, and they have two lovely young children (Everett and Annalynn) and a 90 pound red Labrador retriever. Amy loves to grow plants, cook, run, hike and listen to music. In the winter you will find her in front of the fire drinking coffee (am) or wine (pm), and in the summer, you will find her doing the same thing out on the deck or in the park next door.

Special interests in the residency program: curriculum development, systems improvement and encouraging innovation.

Education super power: being a second mother for the residents.

Associate Program Director

A photo of Dr. Kathy Jorda sitting on a bench outside.

Kathy Jorda, M.D.

Dr. Jorda grew up outside Chicago but spent much of her adult life in New York City, completing her ob/gyn residency at Mount Sinai in 2011. She then moved to Oregon with her partner, also a physician, and have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Pacific Northwest! They have a young daughter who keeps them busy.

Special interests in the residency program: resident and faculty wellness and preparation for post graduate life.

Education super power: staying calm in emergency scenarios.

Associate Program Director

A photo of Dr. Meg O'Reilly sitting on a bench outside.

Meg O'Reilly, M.D.

Dr. O'Reilly is a long time Oregonian. She left Oregon for a bit to attend med school at Tulane University, returned to OHSU for her residency, and then off to rural America for a NHSC commitment before jumping back to her favorite OHSU as faculty in 2003. She is a "true generalist" loving both obstetrics and gynecology. Meg has a grown up son, Matthew, and a very supportive husband, Doug. She loves to read, garden, cook and buy shoes.

Special interests in the residency program: teaching surgical and obstetric skills using simulation, helping residents and students become educators.

Education super power: can make a model of most anything surgical using some variety of balloons, pool noodle and jello!

Associate Program Director

A photo of Dr. Ian Fields sitting on a bench outside.

Ian Fields, M.D.

Dr. Fields is a native of El Paso, Texas but traded in his cowboy boots and hat for winter coats and scarves after moving to Chicago to complete an undergraduate degree, medical school, and residency. After tiring of long winters, he moved out to Portland for Urogynecology fellowship at OHSU and was delighted to take on a faculty position with the division after graduation. In his time outside of medicine, he loves running, spinning, indulging on everything pop culture, live music, and enjoying Oregon's beautiful wine country.

Special interests in the residency program: surgical skills simulation and narrative medicine.

Education super power: citing primary literature in real-time while teaching in the clinic and operating room.

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