Family Planning Program

OHSU's Family Planning Program Team standing next to each other smiling in a courtyard with the OHSU Aerial Tram visible behind them.

The Section of Family Planning at OHSU consists of 12 physicians and scientists committed to advancing reproductive justice through direct clinical care, teaching, research, and advocacy. We have domestic and global expertise in policy, clinical trials, abortion trainings, and guideline development. Education, mentorship and community outreach is at the forefront of all of our work: we are dedicated to training the next generation of leaders in family planning.

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Dr. Jeffrey Jensen crouching down smiling in between 4 kids.

Advocacy is an integral component of family planning, along with excellence in clinical care, research and education. We train our residents and fellows to become leaders with expertise in policy and advocacy at the local and state level.

Dr. Kimberley Bullard accepting an award from the National Abortion Federation.

In 2019, then medical student Kimberley Bullard was honored by the National Abortion Federation for the Elizabeth Karlin Early Achievement Award for her dedication to and research in family planning. Elizabeth Karlin was a tireless advocate for women's rights and health issues. Throughout her career she was an outspoken advocate for women's reproductive rights.

The Editorial Board of a professional journal posing together.

Research is a cornerstone of what we do and it is integral to improving the care we provide. We are proud to have a number of our faculty active on the Editorial Board of our professional journal, Contraception (not pictured, Dr. Blair Darney) and all of our faculty are active peer reviewers for the journal.

A group of women who are among the recipients of OHSU's 2020 Women in Academic Health and Medicine Award.

Dr. Alison Edelman being honored as one of the recipients of OHSU's 2020 Women in Academic Health and Medicine Award in mentoring.

Five people posing next to each other, three of which were honored by The American Society for Emergency Contraception & The International Consortium for Emergency Contraception.

Dr. Edelman’s emergency contraception research was honored by The American Society for Emergency Contraception & The International Consortium for Emergency Contraception. She received the 2017 Charlotte Ellertson Innovation Award.

Five women standing next to each other, two of whom are holding up signs that read "Protect Roe."

Family planning is an integrated part of health care at OHSU. Family planning and maternal fetal medicine specialists work closely together to ensure that all women and families receive the high quality, evidence based care they need. Here are Family Planning and Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists celebrating reproductive autonomy.

Three women and one man posing with their arms around each others' shoulders.

At the national Society of Family Planning meeting, Dr. Maria Rodriguez was honored with the “Beacon of Science Award,” for her research evaluating and driving policy change. She is specifically interested in generating information to help guide evidence based reproductive health policy both domestically and internationally and says, “We have the privilege and responsibility to improve the health of the communities we care for. The disparities and underlying systemic factors observe in the clinical care I provide drive me to conduct research that connects the divide between policy, economics, and health.”

Dr. Alison Edelman posing with collaborators from the University Teaching Hospital Lusaka Zambia.

OHSU Family Planning has participated in the development of a novel low-cost device to treat postpartum hemorrhage globally. We collaborated with partners at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka Zambia to pilot the device, and we'll be scaling up to include additional countries shortly.

Dr. Maria Rodriguez presenting her research poster at a conference.

Our pathway to developing a better tool to treat postpartum hemorrhage. Our initial launch was generously supported by USAID’s ‘Saving Lives at Birth’ grant program (Pictured Dr. Rodriguez presenting research at the Saving Lives at Birth Conference).

OHSU's Family Planning Program Team smiling next to one another at an event honoring Dr. Mark Nichols.

Over the decades that he has worked as an ObGyn, Dr. Mark Nichols has always put family planning services and mentorship front and center.

In 2015, he was recognized by the Society of Family Planning for the critical contribution he has made as a mentor to numerous individuals pursuing careers in ObGyn and family planning.