Diversity and Inclusion

Our Internal Medicine Residency Program is committed to diversity, inclusion, equity and justice. We recognize that we have explicitly and implicitly condoned racism and that our actions have irreparably harmed every facet of life for the Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous community.

As Dr. Alisha Moreland-Capuia once stated in an article about George Floyd:

"The persistent pandemic is racism. That's the pandemic. Recent deaths of individuals of color and the deleterious impact of COVID-19 on communities of color stems all the way from 1776," said Alisha Moreland-Capuia, executive director of Oregon Health & Science University's Avel Gordly Center for Healing, which focuses on culturally sensitive care for the African American community.”

"The emotional and psychological impact of racism means acutely, every day, being reminded that you are not enough, being reminded that you are not seen, being reminded that you are not valued, being reminded that you are not a citizen, being reminded that humanity is not something that applies to you."

With the unfathomable decision regarding Breonna Taylor’s death and the innumerable other deaths of black men and women, we understand the privilege we have as physicians to change structural racism. We recognize that becoming anti-racist starts with ourselves. We also recognize that healthcare stands at the intersection of the many other important aspects of life and that we can make a difference.

We will drive forward as a program, department, and institution to end racism within and beyond our physical and emotional space. We will address macro and microaggression, listen to our colleagues of color and work to end the intolerability of racism.  Please join us in the journey of becoming better.

    White Coats for Black Lives Matter

    2020 IM White Coats for Black Lives Matter event
    OHSU IM residents participating in the White Coats for Black Lives Matter event in Portland.

    North by Northeast Fundraiser

    IM - NxNE Fundraiser
    IM chiefs, co-residents, and faculty raise more than $4,000 for NxNE clinic to show support for Black community health.

    OHSU has a number of other initiatives as outlined here. As a residency program, we will continue the same work that is being accomplished at the institutional level. Some of OHSU IM Res initiatives include:

    • Created a resident led Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee who will partner with communities to offer mentorship, assistance and teaching as the community dictates
    • Added in diversity and social determinants of health learning into every noon report session
    • Continue to recruit a diverse group of residents in order to transform the way healthcare can and should be delivered
    • Participate in University and GME led efforts to end racism at OHSU
    • Continue Upstander Intervention Training for all residents and faculty
    • Funding the directorship of the Advocacy Program (Drs. Joel Burnett and Kelsi Manley)
    • Continue Unconscious Bias Training for all residents and faculty 
    • Continue to expand our advocacy curriculum 
    • Seek new opportunities to engage with the broader community in patient care experiences and to volunteer where needed
    • Continue to raise money for organizations who continue their work in dismantling racism
    • June 2021-Raised $4000 and June 2020-Raised $8000 for NxNE Clinic
      • IM chiefs, Cassie Mullen, Jacque Levene, Rachel Westwood, and Claire Groth, along with their co-residents from across all specialties and faculty from different departments, participated in a month long fundraiser during June of 2021 by pledging biked, hiked, ran, or kayaked miles to raise more than $4000 (in 2021) and $8000 (in 2020) for a local clinic, North by Northeast, to show our support for Black community health in Portland.

    Embracing difference and supporting diversity gives us the ability to be better at what we do and to demonstrate integrity, compassion and leadership in healing, teaching, research and community service.

    The OHSU Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) leads and supports the university-wide initiatives to create an environment of respect and inclusion for all people. CDI is dedicated to fostering partnerships to enhance OHSU's mission of healing, teaching, research and community services. With a range of resources and services, CDI supports and empowers students, faculty and staff from all walks of life, including historically underrepresented populations.

    Diversity News & Events
    Diversity Resource Guide

    Hear how members of the OHSU community value equity and inclusion, and are working toward increased engagement and culture change.

    Medical students create video to focus on racism in health care - 6/2020
    'As a medical community, we must speak out and break the stronghold of racial injustices'

    At OHSU and in our program, we have been on the journey to become anti-racist and are accelerating our efforts to do so.  The institution under the leadership of OHSU President, Dr. Danny Jacobs and numerous other invested individuals such as the Dean of the School of Medicine, Dr. Sharon Anderson, have initiated a number of changes:

    • Dr. Derick Du Vivier has been named Senior Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and will report directly to OHSU President, Dr. Danny Jacobs
    • OHSU will revise the Code of Conduct policy to make displaying hateful imagery an explicit violation that is subject to discipline up to termination
    • OHSU has continued its journey for the diversity of women with a number of women in major leadership positions
    • OHSU will continue to build on its 3 year program to provide unconscious bias training to all employees
    • OHSU has committed a 10% increase in the multi-million dollar budget to address diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • OHSU has terminated the contract with Oregon Correction Enterprises for laundry services
    • Review of OHSU's Public Safety Organization has been completed
    • OHSU is currently undergoing an Assessment of Workplace Culture, lead by Eric Holder of Covington & Burling, LLC.
    • OHSU added a paid leave day for everyone to honor Juneteenth
    • OHSU has undertaken pay equity studies, increased funding for childcare hardships and other employee centered initiatives