Department Chair's Welcome

David Jacoby - Chair Introduction

I am greatly honored to lead the Department of Medicine in this exciting time of expansion in all our mission areas. 

We will continue to expand our clinical activities, sustaining and building upon our commitment to the highest quality patient care and growing to take advantage of new clinical opportunities. We remain dedicated to caring both for the population of Oregon and for others coming to Portland for cutting edge treatments. 

At the same time, we will continue to explore new approaches to the diagnosis and management of disease, fostering a vibrant research portfolio and partnering with other clinical and basic science departments, as well as with our Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute. Our physicians and physician-scientists work side by side with basic and translational researchers to better understand the mechanisms of disease and to design and test new treatments. 

We will continue our leadership in education at all levels, from medical students and graduate students, through residents and fellows, to continuing medical education. We will strengthen our involvement in graduate studies and explore new approaches to education, including bold changes in curricula at all levels, as well as the innovative use of simulation. We remain committed to the development of flexible programs that suit a variety of learners with diverse career goals. 

As is the case with all highly successful organizations, our most treasured asset is our people. It is a privilege to lead such an outstanding group of colleagues, students, and co-workers in the Department of Medicine. 

David B. Jacoby, M.D.
Chair, Department of Medicine
Laurence Selling Chair of Medicine
Director, MD/PhD Training Program
Oregon Health & Science University