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Welcome to the OHSU Internal Medicine Residency Program

We are thrilled you have taken the time to learn more about us and are considering becoming a part of our OHSU Internal Medicine Residency family!

The OHSU IM Residency is a medium-sized program located in Portland, Oregon. We are focused on training outstanding general internists who will be given the support, mentorship and opportunities to pursue the next stages of their career. We believe in the importance of creating a collaborative community of physicians who understand the importance of caring for all patients and to relieve suffering as much as possible. There are a diverse number of rotations and locations to broaden all the necessary skills of being an outstanding internist and faculty who value teaching and life-long learning to inspire the best care possible for patients. We value each other and the importance of creating a space where trust is fostered and growth is encouraged.

Our vision and mission for this program is to help develop exceptional and compassionate physicians from diverse backgrounds through the care of our community, dedication to and advocacy for underserved communities, delivery of high value, evidence-based care, and engagement with scholarship opportunities to foster ongoing intellectual curiosity. We will inspire learners to develop flexible and adaptable skillsets to navigate a changing healthcare environment, to empower the pursuit of personal interests, to be leaders in their communities and to be proponents of social change with an understanding of equity and justice in healthcare.

We will continue to host our interview season virtually for the 2023-2024 season. While we acknowledge there is some loss in face-to-face connection between our community (you) and us, we strongly believe that what we gain in terms of equity and impact on climate change supersedes the decision to be face-to-face. We care deeply about your journey as a medical student and in the ways that we intersect with that journey. Traveling for interviews is a timely and expensive endeavor and does not promote equity for students in the ways our program believes it should. In addition, we passionately feel that there is a moral imperative for us as physicians to address climate change, as it will have a substantial impact on the social determinants of health for all of our patients. If we want to remain true to our mission of caring for our patients and understanding their health journey, we must do those things within our reach to have an impact. Thus, we remain committed to remaining virtual in order to create a more equitable, financially-secure, and climate-sustainable approach for all future interview seasons. We will continue to share who we are through our website, social media site (Instagram), and multiple in-house created videos. We will be specifically reviewing those who signal us, but please be assured that no matter your decision regarding signaling, we approach the entire process in a holistic manner and will review all applicants. 

We hope you find the website informational as you discover more of what we offer and what we hope you can accomplish with us as you continue your journey to becoming the best physician you can be. We truly look forward to the opportunity to meet you and to help you discover how you can become a part of our residency family.


Sima S. Desai MD, MACP, FRCP
Program Director, IM Residency
Vice Chair of Education
Professor of Medicine

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