Resident Wellness & Well-Being

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Resident well-being and resiliency are an important focus and have been for a very long time at OHSU and in our residency program. Our program philosophy is that you must take care of yourself first in order to provide the best care for your patients, the best teaching for your colleagues and learners and the best mentorship for those around you. We have a number of resources in the institution and within our program to help you achieve your very best while taking care of your well-being.

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Early pioneers at our institution realized the importance of creating a safe environment for residents and eventually faculty to meet with experienced professionals and address any number of personal or professional needs. This resulted in the creation of the Resident Faculty Wellness Program (RFWP). RFWP is a program where the primary focus is to increase well-being and decrease burnout and distress. The providers in this clinic range from psychologist to psychiatrists and are some of the most appreciated individuals at this institution not only for their expertise but their understanding of what it means to be a resident and the unique challenges associated with this stage of one’s career. They are readily available and provide free, confidential counseling and coaching services. 

Our program as mentioned above has a strong philosophy of caring for one’s self in order to give selflessly to others. We have a GME wide expectation that all residents will receive 4 half days throughout the year to address any personal healthcare needs. It is frequent that physicians will often state that they are too busy or worry about others having to pick up their work so that they delay or avoid getting healthcare for themselves. This program is designed to encourage a consistent connection with healthcare providers whether you have a health condition that requires it or not. Our program specifically through resident feedback created a system whereby the resident will inform us during the scheduling making process which two half days they would like to preschedule and then we allow them to schedule the other two half days when it is appropriate for them.

Our program also recognizes that it is often the system that creates tension for clinician well-being so we are mindful of what we create and how we can alter, manage or change them to increase well-being.

  • Your schedule is created with an emphasis on what you need personally and professional.
  • You will always receive your schedule for the year so that you can plan into the future with your minimum 5 days off per month.
  • We have an IM Residency Council who help address issues raised by residents that are often creating system changes to improve well-being.
  • Our most recent changes include:
    • Redesigning our VA ICU rotation to allow a more even approach to the schedule, and to keep the teams more paired with less disruption to continuity. 
    • Redesign of the University ward schedule to allow a more even flow to the day in terms of admissions to early and long call. 
    • Redesign of the University ICU to reduce the number of intern solo days and to create a more team based approach to the care of patients. 

This is a small sample of the myriad of ways that we hope to create an environment where you feel you can accomplish your best work for patients who deserves the very best.