Trevor HolmanM.A., A.T.C.


  • Cardiology

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  • Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Trevor is a certified athletic trainer licensed in the state of Oregon currently working for the OHSU Cardiac Rehabilitation department. He works with patients to develop and support heart healthy exercise habits based on his 23 years of clinical experience. In addition he provides education related to coronary artery disease (CAD) and using exercise as an effective tool in the treatment of heart ailments and increasing a patient’s quality of life.

Trevor believes that exercise is medicine and activity is just as important for a person’s health as their attitude, diet, and presciptions. His prime philosophy related to daily exercise is for patients to simply feel better about themselves after a moderate workout. A native Oregonian Trevor has worked at OHSU since 2010. Prior to arriving at OHSU, he had multiple positions in the Salem area with high school and community college athletic training, cardiac rehab department, and as an college instructor.


  • M.A., 2001, San Jose State University


  • English