13-17 Years Old

Youth with down syndrome wearing headphones

Parents tell us...

"Being a teen was hard for me. It could be worse for him." 

"Sometimes her dad and I get scared.  We worry about her safety and judgment, but want her to have friends too."

"I want him to be independent but he really has no clue what real life is like.  As a single parent I want to let him be happy, but I need to know he can take care of himself." 

Teen recreation and sports

Sports and recreation are great ways to build independence, confidence, social skills, and a healthy lifestyle.  Here are some ideas to support your teen's participation.

Adolescent social-emotional and mental health

Being a teen can be stressful, and sometimes they do not want to talk about it with us.  Here are some resources for helping your teen become a mentally healthy adult.

Learning and education

Transition to adult health care and adulthood

Service and emotional support animals

Animals can be a source of emotional and physical support, but they are also a lot of responsibility.  Learn more about the types of support animals and what rights and responsibilities come with owning a support animal.

Special health needs essentials

If you have a child with Special Health Needs, they will probably interact with one or more systems in Oregon.  Here are some of the basic services and systems supporting children and youth.