Optimizing Your Biosketch for Reviewers

January 23, 2020
12 p.m. to 1 p.m.
3266 SW Research Drive
Portland, Oregon 97239
Room: 2201
Contact Information

45.4973002, -122.6860744

Seminar Description

In this OCTRI Research Forum seminar, OHSU Librarians Robin Champieux and Kristine Alpi will demonstrate tools and techniques for creating biosketches with the SciENcv tool and ways of presenting your Contributions to Science that maximize attention to your research impact.

At the completion of this class, the participant will:

  • Know how to create a new or updated Biosketch with the SciENcv tool.
  • Know what types of publications, research objects of scholarly activity can be included on the Biosketch.
  • Know how to import publications from MyNCBI and ORCID to populate a Biosketch.
  • Understand how grant reviewers process information in a Biosketch.
  • Be able to identify databases for finding citation metrics and alternative sources of impact for enhancing contributions to science statements.
  • Learn about ways to describe alternate outputs of scientific productivity beyond journal publications.

Compass registration is encouraged.

This event will be livestreamed here: https://echo360.org/section/aefe4e1c-c635-4a3b-bf99-ce6439184f5f/public

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